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Women from Puerto Rico

Cara  35
Acindina Manolito  36
Acindina Manolito
36Puerto Rico
Virgen Maria Fernandez 28
Virgen Maria Fernandez
Rose 33
33Puerto Rico
Joany 31
31Puerto Rico
Diana Lee 29
Diana Lee
29San Juan
Jane Oliver 39
Jane Oliver
39San Juan
Clari Sants 51
Clari Sants
51Puerto Rico

Men from Puerto Rico

Jeffrey Dickens 27
Jeffrey Dickens
27Puerto Rico
Alex Ruiz 37
Alex Ruiz
37Puerto Rico
Sean  36
36San Juan
Marcus Dixon 36
Marcus Dixon
36San Juan
Sahil Kapoor 32
Sahil Kapoor
32San Juan
Michael Delgado Del Valle 35
Michael Delgado Del Valle
35Puerto Rico
Jose 24
24Puerto Rico
Elliot Crespo 33
Elliot Crespo
33Puerto Rico
Wilson Junior 26
Wilson Junior
26Puerto Rico
Jon Delvalle 30
Jon Delvalle
30San Juan

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