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How to Flirt Like a Pro on Casual Dating Apps
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How to Flirt Like a Pro on Casual Dating Apps

Flirting is an art form, especially in today’s day and age when everyone is talking to others via their screen. If you are keen to improve your flirting skills , make sure you read this article carefully because you may learn a thing or two!

Texting a rich man or a hot woman on a casual dating app should be all about entertainment and logistics.

• If you spend hours a day texting someone on a top dating app, you are making a big mistake – after spending several weeks talking to each other via text messages, you still don’t know whether this person is the right person for you or not because you haven’t met each other in person yet. Therefore, a much better option is to use entertainment to break the ice and warm up the interaction and then arrange logistics fast, i.e. you have to meet this individual in person as quickly as possible so that you know whether he/she is the right match for you . Entertainment means having fun, telling jokes and teasing each other in an interesting and engaging way. Logistics means organizing a date with that person. Anything beyond those two elements is unnecessary on a casual dating app.

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If he keeps texting without asking you out….

• This may frustrate many pretty women because some established men only send text messages without making a real move. Therefore, if a rich guy sends you another message and you are busy, you can ignore his text message and send him a text a few hours later, “Oh, sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier. I’ve been busy working today. I’ll get a cocktail when this is all done.” Now if this successful guy really wants to see you, he will figure out how to meet you in the cocktail bar. And that can be your first date !

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If she keeps texting for a few weeks….

• Well, if you are a guy reading this article and a pretty girl has been texting you for a few weeks on the best dating app for iPhone, I’d like to tell you that she is very interested in you. Otherwise, she could have done anything else and doesn’t need to talk to you like that. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ask her out NOW. So, you can send this text message to her, “I keep thinking about you and it’s annoying me 😉 Shall we meet in ABC café this Sunday?” Yes, it’s your job to ask a hot girl out as soon as possible and don’t keep her guessing and waiting for you on the freaking casual dating app!

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When you two are on the first date…. (advice for women):

• Please note that men are rarely praised. You don’t know how seldom men get complimented by gorgeous women, so you must use this to your advantage . When you know how to flirt with him while stroking his ego, this established guy will become yours. When you are on a date with a wealthyguy, don’t forget to use these words – “handsome” and “sexy”. Of course, you must say these words casually because it shouldn’t be a big deal, and then he will see you differently. Also, you need to play the submissive role in the dynamics at the early stage of your casual relationship with a wealthy man. For instance, when he asks you where you want to go, you can say this to him, “Somewhere cool. Pick for us, handsome.” When he asks you what you want to do for the next date, you can say, “I don’t mind you planning the next date.” Now this millionaire guy will feel really empowered because in this day and age, mainstream feminism makes men feel weaker, whereas you are making him feel stronger.

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When you two are on the first date…. (advice for men):

• You must create inside jokes quickly. Remember: bonds destroy competition. If you are dating a hot woman, chances are she has other suitors at the same time. Now you must bond with her immediately so that your competition can’t compete with you anymore. For example, you can give this pretty lady a nick name such as “cupcake” if her dating profile on the reputable dating app includes an image of a cupcake. The fundamental rule is this inside joke has to be something that relates back to a shared experience that only you and she had. Always create inside jokes often and early. And bring up these jokes later in the relationship. In the future, whenever she sees cupcakes somewhere, she will think about you! Also, laughing removes her guard, so it’s easier to get into her pants if you want to do that after meeting a hot woman via the best dating app for Android and iPhone.

If you are really struggling….

• If you are still worried about whether you can flirt like a pro or not, don’t worry – there is another strategy: You can practice it at home. Just dress up like the way you’d like to present yourself on the first date and pretend that the person you really like is sitting next to you. You can even use a pillow to pretend that’s your date. Now you may imagine what he/she says to you and you respond accordingly. 

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Don’t forget that you body language is a part of flirting (body flirting advice for women):

• First and foremost, your clothing is paramount. The way you dress is communicating three things: what you think about yourself, what you think about men and what you think about sexual intimacy. Therefore, you should wear a body-con dress that accentuates your sexy figure. But please note that the body-con dress has to be tasteful and sophisticated . Otherwise, you’ll look like a cheap slut. Second, when you sit down, make sure you sit with one leg crossed over the other & your leg is crossed on your other thigh HIGH. That’s a suggestive signal that rich men will get naturally. Last but not least, you need to introduce touch early in the interaction. When you meet a hot guy via that reliable dating app, you can give him a hug because he comes to see you in person. Now this makes everything easier and less awkward later on.

Body flirting advice for men:

• First, read magazines such as GQ and get some ideas or inspiration for your appearance. Alternatively, you can pick up the catalogs at a local department store and see which style suits you most. Next, buy a good watch – that’s the only accessory you need because men shouldn’t wear diamond, according to Tiffany & Co. If you can’t afford a gold watch, you may want to get one from a second-hand shop as there are many cheaper watches there – they are cheaper only because they aren’t brand new anymore, but the quality is still pretty good. Then, you should select an interesting tie so that it becomes a conversation starter when you go out for a date with a hot woman that you met on the trusted dating app. Lastly, when you are on a date with a new girl in a coffee shop, make sure you sit next to her (not face to face). That makes it easier for you to “accidentally” touch her, whereas a face-to-face interaction looks like a serious job interview and kills the flirtatious vibe .