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Diaries of a Sensuous Couple Series III: Fetishes on the millionaire dating app
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Diaries of a Sensuous Couple Series III: Fetishes on the millionaire dating app

At last, Harry jumped Lily in his office. They did it on the couch in his elegant office. This time it was more than a blow job. After having a passionate, electrifying orgasm, Lily said to Harry, “I don’t sleep with more than one man at a time, so we need to clarify whether this is going somewhere.” Lily is a consummate dater, so that line changed the dynamics immediately. Therefore, Harry said to her, “Let’s start an exclusive relationship.” So, now Lily is Harry’s official girlfriend and they probably don’t need to keep using that millionaire dating app anymore.

How to get a rich man to start an exclusive relationship: Lily has been dating wealthy men since 2001, so she obviously knows something about how to get successful men to commit to a relationship with her. “I never ask a man, ‘What are we?’ because that question will only push him away,” says Lily, “I usually say something like, ‘Now other men are asking me out as well and I don’t know what to say to those men’, and then the millionaire man that I’m dating will confirm that he wants to have a committed relationship with me.” Indeed, Lily is very good at getting a serious relationship. She says that because Harry has already jumped her, it’s even easier for her to get Harry to confirm their serious relationship – all she needs to do is to claim that she never sleeps with different men at the same time (communicating her standards to Harry in the right way is the key). After Harry told her that they’ve started a long-term relationship, Lily stopped using that wealthy dating app.

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Why Harry hasn’t deleted his dating profile on the luxury dating app yet: Yes, Harry and Lily have started a relationship officially, but Harry’s dating profile is still active, and Lily knows it. That’s because both Harry and Lily are thinking about whether they can have a threesome lifestyle at times. Interestingly, Harry has a strong fetish for Asian women and Lily is a typical Asian American woman living in New York City . Both of them are interested in meeting another Asian woman for a threesome once a month, so Harry’s dating profile stays active on that top dating app for iPhone.

 • Harry has initiated a conversation with another Asian girl on the best dating app on iPhone and Android.

Harry: Hello beautiful. After reading your dating profile, I understand that you are a bisexual woman looking for a high-value couple, so my girlfriend and I would like to invite you to join us once a month. Is that all right?

New Girl:I need to see your girlfriend’s photo as well.

Harry: No problem.(Sending Lily’s photo to her via the elite dating app .)

New Girl: She looks very hot. Does she drink a lot?

Harry: She only drinks when we are having funand being naughty 😉

New Girl: Ha! Me too. When can we meet?

Harry: What about next Wednesday night? My girlfriend and I will have a good time in my office.

New Girl: Sure thing!

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• Let’s find out what happened on Wednesday night in Harry’s sensuous diary.

This new girl rocked up in my office at 8pm. Lily and I were waiting for her for about half an hour, but that’s all right. The new girl is gorgeous, attractive and pretty. Her lips are full, her boobs are big and her legs are long. Both Lily and I find her very irresistible. My two fetishes are: office romance and women from Asia. Now I’m living my dreams! I met both Lily and this new girl via that upper-class dating app and I’m so happy with what I’ve got now. I’m very grateful! Tonight, this new girl told us that her name is Ann. First of all, she gave us a burlesque performance before undressing herself. I really enjoyed her sensual music (Cher’s Welcome to Burlesque) and her sexual dance. When she was undressing herself, I got hard just by looking at her perfect Asian skin. As she put her cold hands on my warm Johnson, I got even harder! At that moment, Lily’s tits were pressing against my back, while Ann’s tits were pressing against my chest. Three of us were standing in my office. I know both of them were extremely wet already because they were turned on by my masculine body, my wealth and status. The best part is having a threesome in my sophisticated office is more than thrilling . When I was penetrating Ann, I realized that her honeypot is even tighter than Lily’s (well, I have to admit that all Asian girls’ honeypots are pretty tight – at least that’s my experience). Then I heard Lily moaning louder because she was too horny and needed my penetration. Therefore, I pulled out my Johnson and entered Lily’s honeypot. Meanwhile, my hands are on Ann’s breasts. Then I heard Ann moaning louder and louder because the massage made her even more aroused, yet my Johnson is in Lily’s honeypot. So, I got busy and these two ladies took turns to enjoy my hard Johnson. But that was fine! I’m eternally grateful to that elite dating app which introduced these two hot Asian girls to me.

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• What’s in Lily’s sensuous diary?

Although I’m not a bisexual girl, I’m happy to try a threesome lifestyle because I’d like to experience different things in life, including something exciting like that . Though I’ve deleted my dating profile on that luxury dating app, Harry’s dating profile is still there because we think it’s a good idea to find another Asian lady who can join us in the office. Ha! “In the office” doesn’t mean at work; it means having a threesome in Harry’s freaking office! Then an Asian beauty named Ann came to Harry’s office tonight and she is absolutely stunning. I totally enjoyed her exotic dance and erotic music. I appreciate her dedication and affection. I have to say that she has made our love life much more colorful, wonderful and beautiful. Thanks to that millionaire dating app, my relationship is so amazing now. Harry got busy with both of us and we took turns to enjoy his penetration. Anyway, that was the best part because of the anticipation, expectation and fascination. I’m totally obsessed with this threesome lifestyle in Harry’s office.

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         In conclusion, Harry and Lily’s relationship is official, but they enjoy a threesome once a month with another Asian lady. Interestingly, Harry only wants to enjoy intimacy in his office in NYC and doesn’t really want to bring hot women home. That’s his fetish because his idol is Bill Clinton. He also has a fetish for Asian beauties, so both Lily and Ann are Asian ladies living in New York City. Both of them are interested in meeting rich men on upper-class dating apps. Although a dating expert in America once said, “Having an open relationship is just like baking a cake with the oven’s door open”, Harry and Lily still fully enjoyed their lifestyle, because strictly speaking, they don’t have an open relationship – they have a threesome lifestyle.