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Spokesperson from a Legit Dating App on Three Types of Game
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Spokesperson from a Legit Dating App on Three Types of Game

Alex Ainsworth, the spokesperson from Brilic Media (the parent company of Brilic dating app), has recently revealed three types of game – very eye-opening.

• There are only three types of game in the world.

According to Alex Ainsworth from the legit dating app, there are only 3 types of game: day game, night game and online game.

Alex says that day game requires the highest level of skills because most women are not prepared to meet men during the day time when they are going out for shopping, etc. Therefore, if you are very handsome and your game is good, you should totally try day game.

In fact, statistics show that day game generally brings high-quality women because the majority of high-value women aren’t hanging out in nightclubs. They probably have better things to do.

Alex Ainsworth, the spokesperson of the legit dating app, claims that the best location to run day game is university campuses where there are a large number of young, hot and single women that are eager to meet men.

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Therefore, if you are keen to improve your game, you can hone your day game skills and approach women on university campuses. 

Don’t worry about rejections. If you are rejected by women, that means you’ve tried your best & there is nothing to regret. In contrast, if nobody has rejected you, that means you are only reaching for the low-hanging fruit. You must realize your potential!

In other words, if it’s done right, you should get rejected! Isn’t this liberating ?!

The second type of game is night game, i.e. going to nightclubs, bars and pubs to meet horny women, based on the report provided by Mr. Ainsworth, spokesperson from the legit dating app.

“Meeting hot women at night is great because these women are already there to meet men like you. They dress up and go to nightclubs in order to hook up with men,” says Mr. Ainsworth, “So, it’s a bit easier to run night game, especially if you are still learning game.”

That is to say, women who go to nightclubs, bars and pubs are already qualified leads – their goal is to get male attention and get laid/validation. Hence, these places are the ideal venues for you to hook up with sexy women.

Having said that, if you are over 40 years old, you are probably a bit too old to go to nightclubs because you might get sleepy and tired after 12am.

Fortunately, there is a third category of game – online game.

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Online game is suitable for those who can write well because most of the time, you are chatting with girls on the Internet via a legit dating app.

If you can’t write well, the way you communicate online won’t look attractive. You have to be able to write well in order to become sexy in front of women who are reading your text messages on their phones.

“But you also need to be aware of the fact that a lot of women who use legit dating apps have very high expectations, and they aren’t necessarily hotter than women that you can meet in the day time or at night,” says Alex Ainsworth, “Remember – you have to filter women when you are using a legit dating app. If they don’t meet your standards, you have to stop talking to them immediately and move on because you don’t have time to waste.”

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Yes, it is said that even using legit dating apps can waste your time if you only talk to the wrong girls who have very high expectations (and they aren’t even hot!)

Alex Ainsworth argues that usually a guy is better at one category of game, so he should double down on that particular game and become a winner fast.

For example, Alex Ainsworth is very good at online game, so he uses legit dating apps to meet girls online and hook up with them offline quickly. That’s his best game. Period.

Indeed, Alex Ainsworth can write quite well and the way he communicates via text messages is very alluring. No wonder women on legit dating apps like him and want to meet him in person fast.

Now you may argue that there is another game called social circle game. Yes, I understand that, but social circle game is usually night game, i.e. you go out with your friends or you join your friends’ parties at night. Then you still have to run night game.

Another situation is you use social media to run social circle game, but that’s actually online game . There is no fundamental difference between running game on Instagram and running game on legit dating apps.

• If a girl is making eye contact with you, she is interested in you.

All women except Asian women give men signals. Yes, you read that right – Asian women don’t give signals because the concept of dating doesn’t exist in most Asian countries.

That is to say, whenever you notice a western woman making eye contact with you, she is interested in you. Full stop.

Usually, if you are a reasonably handsome guy, you will get some eye contact from women when you go out. Now remember to approach these women!

If a woman is making eye contact with a smile on her face, you have to approach her!

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I’ll tell you what dating advice for women look like – Dating coaches for women basically tell women to make eye contact with men they are attracted to and smile, then wait until men to approach them.

That’s because if they approach men, they will probably meet beta men. But if they wait until men approach them, at least they know these proactive men are alpha guys who can take action .

Never miss out on any woman’s signal no matter you are on a legit dating app or you are running day game and night game. Just approach them without fear of rejection. If she rejects you, so what? You should just say, “Next!”

By the way, don’t micro-analyze situations in dating and relationships, especially when you are still learning game. Overthinking is the source of stress in life in general, and you shouldn’t do that.

Just look at what you’ve learned and implement your knowledge. Then you will reap the benefits in the dating department!

• Don’t talk about how badly your ex-girlfriend treated you.

After meeting a hot woman on a legit dating app, it’s natural to arrange a date soon. When you are on a date with a high-value woman , please remember that you should never talk about how badly your ex treated you.

If you tell this new woman how badly your ex-girlfriend treated you, you are telling her two things: 1) you allowed a terrible woman to treat you in a bad way, so you are a weak man; 2) it’s okay to treat you badly – you stayed with that woman for quite a while, didn’t you?