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Dating Advice: The Most Powerful Resources for Your Love Life
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Dating Advice: The Most Powerful Resources for Your Love Life

Love is hard. But it doesn’t mean you should overcome all difficulties by yourself. In fact, there are many resources that can help you in this regard . Now I’d like to share some of the most powerful resources that I’ve tried personally.

I used Jade Seashell’s services to improve my love life.

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Jade Seashell is a writer for companies that sell dating advice all over the world. She also has her own blog where you can contact her for specific advice about your own love life. I used her service twice and I still benefit from her advice today. The fact that I’m eligible to share my insights here means I’ve learned something useful already. This online resource is an affordable, effective and powerful solution to your dating problems. Oftentimes, you don’t have direct access to dating gurus, but Jade Seashell is able to answer your questions personally and her dating advice is seriously perfect. Therefore, I highly recommend this service. (Please note that the writer of this article and this blog aren’t affiliate marketers of any brand, so everything that we share here is based on the writer’s personal experience and observation over the years.)

I also used G. L. Lambert’s dating advice services online.

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This is another resource that you can use if you’d like to ask a dating expert some questions about your love life. G. L. Lambert offers personalized advice for every customer that contacts him via his website. Most of his customers are women who are reading his dating books for ladies. Please note that G. L. Lambert’s dating advice is very controversial and might upset you because he is all about giving people the red pill instead of telling you some politically correct BS. Hence, you would be well-advised to use this resource if you are ready for some truth rather than something you want to hear.

I read Robert Greene’s dating book The Art of Seduction

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This book is nearly perfect if you would like to understand the dynamics of seduction in detail. Robert Greene is the world’s biggest realist who gives truly useful dating advice. He didn’t become successful until he was 36 years old when he was offered the opportunity to write his first book 48 Laws of Power. Before that happened, he had many different jobs and experienced a lot in life. Also, he is an avid reader who loves reading books about history and Asian strategies. As a result, Robert Greene’s books are very powerful and realistic. If you think you are probably still naïve to some degree, you will benefit from his book The Art of Seduction. But I have to warn you: All of Robert Greene’s books are full of historic stories that might look too complicated. If you are worried that you might be bogged down by those complex stories in his books, you may want to listen to its audio book version instead. Of course, there are many other online materials that you can access – those are summaries of The Art of Seduction. Having said that, I still highly recommend this book to anyone who likes reading because quickly going through a book summary or an audio book is still different from sitting down and carefully reading every page of a book about dating advice. The latter is more beneficial because you’ll learn more if you spend some time truly understanding everything Robert Greene says in his book. In my opinion, reading isn’t about consumption; it’s about truly understanding what the author is actually saying and implementing those strategies in your own love life

I listened to Ginie Sayles’ How to Marry the Rich audio seminar.

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As far as I know, Ginie Sayles has probably retired already because I haven’t found any of her current seminars near my city. Yet I listened to her online audio seminar How to Marry the Rich which really gave me a lot of useful dating advice. Basically, when I was driving from my hometown to the capital of this country, I spent several hours in my car all by myself and was listening to this audio file. It was so eye-opening. Once I’ve entered Ginie’s world, I don’t want to leave ! Then I bought all of her books, CDs and DVD to learn everything she has to offer. I know selling books never makes anyone rich unless your book is Harry Potter. And Ginie Sayles also says that she isn’t rich herself because she is only married to a rich man. In other words, marrying a rich spouse doesn’t mean you are also a rich person. If that bothers you, you might give up the idea of marrying someone rich. Yet being married to a rich mate has many advantages – you’ll have a much better lifestyle; you can enjoy some financial benefits; you might have more career opportunities. Hence, if that’s your thing, you should totally follow Ginie’s dating advice.

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