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Elite dating apps' members: Which occupations are the most attractive?
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Elite dating apps

Elite dating apps' members: Which occupations are the most attractive?

Recently, an interesting study was conducted by dating experts working for the best dating apps in the world. This team found out that certain occupations are more attractive than others on elite dating apps.

Lawyers and doctors are the most attractive occupations among male members. 

Although entrepreneurship is cool nowadays, it seems that hot women on dating apps still prefer men with traditional jobs such as doctors and lawyers. Further examination reveals that when it comes to finding casual hook-ups , women want to date entrepreneurs because creative business owners in the digital age are more exciting and stimulating . However, in terms of finding husbands, attractive women generally prefer men with stable income, so they are more attracted to men who are doctors and lawyers. It is clear that doctors and lawyers have very low financial risk because they make cold, hard cash without gimmicks. Indeed, if you are a lawyer or a doctor, your high income and your business expense are both predictable. A successful surgeon can make approximately $400,000 a year; a lawyer who has high leverage can make more than 1 million dollars a year. In contrast, if someone is an entrepreneur, his annual income is very unstable. Gary Vaynerchuk famously said, “This world is currently full of fake entrepreneurs just because entrepreneurship is cool right now. This fad will be over.” He is right. 90% of those so-called “entrepreneurs” are wannabes who actually have a day job and only hustle in their hobby business at night. Realistically, do you have a lot of energy after 5pm, especially you’ve worked hard for a whole day already? As a result, on upscale dating apps, gorgeous women who are practical and down-to-earth aren’t very interested in meeting entrepreneurs; they tend to prefer men with traditional jobs that bring real money.

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 Women who are flight attendants and teachers are more desirable on popular dating apps.

Of course, a lot of flight attendants are very attractive because they have good looks and good manners . Consequently, a large number of rich men are attracted to pretty women who work as flight attendants. For instance, on Brilic dating app, the most desirable female members are flight attendants who work for Virgin America and Qantas. Yes, when we look at those flight attendants on these two airlines, we do acknowledge that they are indeed very beautiful and elegant. No wonder these pretty ladies get a lot of attention on Brilic dating app. Another occupation that is also very attractive is teachers. Female teachers who have joined top dating apps tend to get more attention than others because wealthy men generally believe that teachers know how to educate children and take care of kids, which is important to the household in the future. Therefore, men with money and power prefer well-educated women who work as school teachers. It is said that secondary school teachers are more popular than primary school teachers. We don’t know why, but one Australian expert from the best dating app on iPhone points out that secondary school teachers have better qualifications, meaning if a hot girl is a secondary school teacher, she is a specialist, so she must have content knowledge to teach two subjects. In other words, she probably has two degrees, e.g. Bachelor of Science and Master of Teaching; therefore, she can teach Math and Physics in a high school. In contrast, a pretty woman who has a Bachelor of Education can teach in a primary school as a generalist. Anyway, primary school female teachers are still quite popular on Brilic dating app. Having said that, I’d like to point out that male teachers aren’t very attractive on elite dating apps because people tend to think that teachers aren’t very well paid & most attractive girls want to marry rich men.

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 On elite dating apps, which members are actually millionaires?

Interestingly, most millionaires in this world aren’t high-profile CEOs, executives and business owners. Many of them aren’t even doctors and lawyers. So, who are they? Well, after reading Everyday Millionaire (book by Chris Hogan) and The Millionaire Next Door (book by Thomas J. Stanley), I’ve realized that most millionaires are actually regular people that you can meet in the street because according to both authors, most millionaires are engineers, accountants and teachers. Are you surprised? Well, when Chris Hogan attended Lewis Howes’s interview on the School of Greatness podcast, Lewis Howes was very surprised because Lewis said “Teachers aren’t well paid at all.” Yes, although teachers aren’t well paid, building wealth is more about how you manage your money and less about how much money you make. Hence, high-end dating apps have conducted relevant research in this regard as well and found that at least 75% of their millionaire members are not high-profile businessmen and businesswomen; they are actually engineers, accountants and teachers! A luxury dating app even had a live event for their rich members in America and discovered that their wealthy members aren’t billionaires who drive fancy cars and wear Armani or Hugo Boss; in fact, their rich customers are everyday millionaires who know how to manage their money – engineers, accountants and teachers. That is to say, these everyday millionaires have good money habits, e.g. they have a money time every fortnight to organize their money and increase their savings; they set up specific bank accounts for specific purposes, thereby having clarity and certainty when it comes to their personal finances; they spend money on things they value and don’t waste money on things they don’t. That being said, if you are an everyday millionaire, there is a ceiling – yes, you can save 1 million dollars when you are in your 30s, 40s, 50s, etc. But if you want to become a multi-millionaire or a billionaire, you probably shouldn’t be a teacher, engineer or accountant, because these professionals are employees or self-employed individuals, meaning passive income is unlikely to happen. That’s why multi-millionaires and billionaires on elite dating apps are still successful business owners, CEOs and professional investors.

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Understanding money dynamics is the prerequisite of finding a high-quality partner on the best dating app on Android and iPhone.

Let’s say you have joined a top dating app in order to look for a rich mate. Now you can have a look at the membership status of other members who have contacted you. Usually, a person with a premium membership can’t be broke , especially if he/she is on an upper-class dating app. Most scammers and spammers on an online dating site never buy premium memberships because their goal is to get money from others illegally. Thus, the premium membership system on best dating apps for iPhones and Android is actually a filter to help you find high-quality dates. Having said that, someone’s premium membership status shouldn’t be the only factor when it comes to assessing whether this person is a legitimate dater or not. You still need to find out other information about this individual that you’ve met on a reliable dating app on iPhone or Android. We recommend that you should meet with this person in a public place (e.g. a fancy restaurant or an elegant café) so that you can interview this person carefully. Remember: the first date is always an interview for you to see whether this candidate can add value to your life or not. Also, the location of the first date is very important, too, because if a rich guy only wants to take a hot girl to a dodgy pub for a cheap drink, no one will believe this rich manis a legitimate millionaire. Anyway, he should be on his best behavior on the first date, but he chooses to take a pretty girl to a dodgy bar for a $2 drink – how legitimate can he be? As a consequence, experts who work for best dating apps for Android and iPhone would like to let people know that everyone should take their time to see if a candidate is suitable or not before being involved in them in any way.

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April 18 2019