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Differences between Traditional Dating Services and Modern Dating Apps
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Differences between Traditional Dating Services and Modern Dating Apps

A lot of people have asked this question, “What’s the fundamental difference between a traditional matchmaking agency and a modern dating app?” That’s a great question. Now we are going to look at the major differences between traditional dating agencies and modern-day dating apps today, so that you can make the right decision for yourself.

Traditional matchmaking agencies have more female candidates, whereas popular dating apps have more male members. I visited a traditional matchmaking agency in Sydney last week and interviewed their business owner. The findings were quite surprising: At least 70% of their clients are women, and only 30% of their clients are men. That looks a bit strange because most people would assume that it’s easier for women to find partners, right? However, the truth is far away from the assumption ! As a matter of fact, many elite women find it very difficult to find partners because rich women already have money – they expect their partners to be humorous, romantic, supportive, interesting…. (and the list goes on and on). When a single woman has a wish list, she is postponing a relationship. What’s more, usually, a rich woman only wants to marry a richer man. But unfortunately, richer men are limited creatures on the planet. Worse still, richer men probably want younger women & established women are possibly older! This dilemma sends a large number of successful women to traditional dating agencies. By the way, because women tend to think traditional matchmaking agencies are more reliable than digital dating platforms online, they choose to pay those matchmakers a lot of money (sometimes one client has to pay $12,000). In contrast, men don’t fear online dating and have the confidence to find true love in the digital space through the best dating apps. As a result, most trusted dating apps have many more male members than female members.

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Some top dating apps are cooperating with traditional matchmakers. Not every new dating app can attract a large number of members quickly, so some elite dating apps have become business partners with traditional matchmaking agencies. For instance, a respectable dating app which was launched in 2016 has become the No. 1 business partner of the most prestigious marriage agency in New York City. Therefore, that dating agency in NYC introduced the best dating app on iPhone to their database. In this way, the matchmaker gets a commission whenever someone in their database has joined that trusted dating app. Interestingly, some matchmaking agencies approached certain respectable dating apps because they would like to run ads on those apps. That sounds a bit strange, right? Because you would think a popular dating app and a traditional matchmaking agency are competitors! However, a lot of mainstream dating apps monetize their platforms by selling ads instead of selling premium memberships. That’s why some of these great dating apps even run ads for traditional matchmaking agencies. Better still, because every member on these top dating apps must indicate their location, the app owners know exactly who should see which ad. For instance, if a member’s location is Dallas, Texas, then this member will see an ad about a local matchmaking agency in Dallas on his/her favorite dating app. Further examination reveals that oftentimes, these matchmaking agencies and best dating apps are actually run by the same company. It’s just like both Book Depository and Amazon belong to Amazon. Hopefully this makes sense!

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Traditional matchmaking services offer face-to-face consultations, whilst online dating apps give you convenient access to a big database. Traditionally, a matchmaker would organize a face-to-face interview with each client so that the matchmaker can have a good understanding of what this client is looking for, thereby providing a relevant and helpful service. By conducting such an interview, the matchmaker can also know whether this candidate is legitimate because: 

1) joining a traditional matchmaking agency is expensive, so a scammer wouldn’t pay such a high fee;

2) attending a face-to-face interview allows the matchmaker to verify this client’s identity – the matchmaker can have a look at this candidate’s ID documents and verify whether this person is who they say they are;

3) having a face-to-face consultation makes the dating service more effective because human interactions in person are irreplaceable no matter it’s 1939 or 2019.

Having said that, best dating apps for iPhone are also great tools for dating and relationships because if you only join a matchmaking agency, you have limited access to their database – a typical matchmaking agency can only organize 12 dates for you per year maximum. However, if you join the best dating app, you can easily get 12 dates per month as it all depends on how effective your dating profile is on the top dating app. That’s why members who are elite singles also prefer amazing dating apps to maximize their chances of finding high-quality dates in record time. In other words, traditional matchmaking services aren’t scalable, whilst online dating apps for elite singles are definitely, absolutely, positively scalable. And that’s also why more and more business owners prefer to start upscale dating apps and fewer business owners want to start traditional dating agencies in this day and age – they also want to make their business scalable. Indeed, you can only conduct so many face-to-face interviews in your matchmaking office every year, but you can have millions of downloads on iTunes per month! Which option is a better deal? I think the answer is pretty clear.

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Most traditional dating agencies are run by older women, yet the majority of high-end dating apps are run by younger men. Interestingly, if we look at the traditional matchmaking industry, we can easily see that most of those matchmakers are senior women. For example, Patti Stangeris a published author and a reality TV show star who runs a matchmaking agency for millionaires (that’s her family business); Sherri Murphey runs Elite Connections, an upscale international dating agency which has been featured on Oprah Winfrey , Dr Phil, Playboy radio, Fox News, and so on. These women are in their 50s and 60s. By contrast, the majority of entrepreneurs who start luxury dating apps are younger men in their 20s and 30s. The owner of Brilic dating app is also an established young man in his 30s. Apparently, it can be seen that traditional dating services are just like traditional magazines that you can buy in the supermarket, while wealthy dating apps are just like digital magazines that you want to read on your phone! This is possibly the best analogy of the year.