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Looking to hookup online: keep cool and have fun!
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Looking to hookup online: keep cool and have fun!

Many people, especially the youth, use dating apps to hookup. For some of them, it’s a lifestyle and their way to date singles. This option allows meeting someone without boundaries, easily, comfortably, quickly, not giving any promises. It’s convenient for several groups of daters: busy people who are “married” to their career not having time for a full relationship; and introverted/sociopathic young people who prefer to stay inside their shell. Older people may jump into such adventures too though if they feel the need at the moment. Business women are the leaders in this category though. 

This kind of search includes such affairs as interracial dating online and even looking for a gay partner, but those who are interested rarely go for a classical casual dating or finding a travel companion. It’s actually not dating at all, just making a short contact for sex or going out together when life is getting too boring. 

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There can be different reasons why people look to hookup. Negative reasons include lack of self-confidence and phobia of serious relationships. Positive reasons include replacement of traumatic memories with some easy-achievable relaxation and the need for new fresh impressions

So as we can see, this minimalistic kind of dating can have a therapeutic effect for some. What about the others? Is it always just a good fun or sometimes destroying? How to avoid any bad things on your way? First of all, make sure a person you are going to meet, has a totally positive attitude and probably same intimate preferences as you do, otherwise, the disappointment can happen. Take a better look at your new acquaintance’s photo, pay attention to his/her eyes and smile. Are they relevant to psychical norms? Stay away from users who wear dark glasses on all photos, never smile, or use emoji way too much. Stay away from negative persons who are complaining, manipulating, trying to control you or playing on your sympathy. And of course, stay away from scam people who ask you for money.

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If you follow these simple recommendations, your hookup experience will be much more pleasant and memorable. After all, we need nice memories to keep us alive and motivated! 

Looking to hookup means no commitment at all, which is normal for this type of interaction, so be ready that another part will show you no personal commitment in return. This is an agreement where both are in the same boat: only having fun and no string attached. If you need much warmth and attention to heal your wounds, it’s better for you to search for another kind of communication. It’s always important to know yourself well and acknowledge what exactly you crave in this particular period of your life. 

Looking to hookup is especially popular among the students. It’s rather a cheap way to solve one’s intimate issues without the burden of buying the flowers, sweets, perfumes and restaurant meals as romantic traditions dictate. In this regard, it makes sense to remind to young people about the importance of safe sex, drinking less, watching their wallet and other belongings, not sharing the personal information, and not letting the stranger into their place of living or workplace. Girls should especially avoid losing their virginity this way because in most of the cases, they admit a big regret later. If you live in a small town or a village, do everything to not let the gossip spread around. You have wonderful opportunities to hookup being a guest or a citizen of a big city/a capital. Plus, do not forget about international dating and its advantages – as you probably know, this option is not only for serious relationships

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So, statistics show that if you do everything the right way, you may cherish the short experience you get, much more than those long relationships you had in the past. Why? – Because it’s something new, refreshing, playful, it gives you the feeling of freedom and being accepted as you are, without additional conditions or complicated «winning» someone’s heart. Sometimes random things are the best things. Learning to be spontaneous and follow your luck is a valuable skill. This skill will help you more than once in your future life. If you think this experience is exactly for you – join Brilic now and live your best moments. 

February 18 2019