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Flirting and chatting on dating apps: are there any pitfalls?
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Flirting and chatting on dating apps: are there any pitfalls?

Most definitely, you have already tried flirting online and you enjoyed that a lot. But you may have noticed that negative situations sometimes occur too. So how to avoid them and be as free in your playfulness as you can?

Flirting is a light form of virtual relationship that may grow into real dating but not obligatory. It’s rather your first training before a classical casual dating. It’s different from dating singles online because you don’t even know or care whether your penpals are single. Many times it happens that married people quite happy in their marriage are still looking for extra impressions outside of their home. If they are just virtual it’s more beneficial for keeping the marriage alive instead of cheating in flesh.

If you got ethnic fantasies but not ready for an interracial dating online, start from flirting with those who turn you on. Many of us are so much into survival or building a career or home that we never relax emotionally. Flirting online is one of the safe ways to do that. What does it give to us? Some believe that it raises the level of serotonin just like the chocolate and cashew nuts. It motivates us to start our day and gives such a bright refreshing feeling. After all, it’s always pleasant to meet new people and learn about their personalities. Flirting is exactly the way to stay idealistic, optimistic, and romantic about people’s advantages without diving into their dark sides. As we all know, idealistic illusions stop quickly when we start learning more about a person, dating or getting married. So why not to stay in this beautiful condition longer thanks to new technologies that Brilic and other progressive apps have to offer!

Being involved into flirting online, you gain all the benefits of teenage psychological condition: butterflies in your stomach, positive thinking, feeling young no matter what age you are. Hard to believe but flirting fulfills this typical human desire of being forever young. There are situations when senior people are flirting online just to improve their health and their heart activity! There are also other situations when a wife or a husband is finding her/his spouse’s profile and joins as a member too, just to flirt with the spouse incognito! It gives a new spark to their relationship as they start sharing the fantasies they used to hide from each other. So, flirting online has many facets and offers the variety of opportunities. We just have to keep our minds open and use them.

Very young people are not mature enough for a real dating, but flirting is their exercise and a safe release of hormonal tension. Very busy people are afraid to be distracted by a serious relationship. It demands a lot of commitment just like their business so one rarely can be focused on both. But flirting allows them to feel needed and appreciated, to not lose their crucial instinct of a hunter. We are made this way: our sensuality is closely connected with our ability to stay motivated and dynamic. But are you sure that you really know what flirting is about? It means – no pressure, no control over another person, only exchanging positive emotions. There should be a very light and flirty communication, rather typical flattering and typical compliments able to give the wings to your penpal. You’d like to receive the same back, right? That’s the point, it’s a two-way road like the most of other types of relationships.

Sometimes we have to learn or recall how to remain light and inspiring for the others. We used to be pushy and bossy at times because the reality is so harsh and full of competition. But we must leave all that behind while we are flirting and helping another person to relax. Otherwise, we won’t relax either!

How can you define that flirting isn’t for you? It can be the case if you’re here looking to hookup, therefore, you have no real commitment. The commitment is definitely needed for telling nice words and compliments, keeping another person happy and excited. You are not going to have any duties or responsibilities in this kind of communication, except mutual respect and the necessity to stay on a positive frequency. Maybe it’s something difficult for you and you used to be too serious all the time? Maybe you don’t know how to find proper words that could please the opposite sex? Then try to watch psychological videos on this subject or read thematic articles. 

You will succeed in the art of flirting, together with Brilic! 
December 28 2018