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What are the challenges in international dating? (from international dating apps)
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What are the challenges in international dating? (from international dating apps)

As international dating is becoming more and more common these days, international dating apps are getting increasingly popular as well. That being said, like any relationship, international relationships also face some challenges, and these challenges are quite unique.

• Some people dating individuals from other races might feel superior.

This challenge is not very well-known, but it actually undermines the building blocks of a romantic relationship. Please let me explain.

For example, if you are a colored person in an international relationship, the fact that you’re dating a White individual does not mean you hate yourself at all. However, not every international relationship is good, for even if you do not hate your race, nobody can guarantee that your White spouse’s opinion is positive.

Honestly, feeling superior in a romantic relationship does not make someone racist. If a White guy feels superior in a relationship, he will possibly feel superior if he’s dating a White lady too, as a guy like him will find a way to feel superior anyway.

Nevertheless, feeling superior is much more commonplace in international dating, according to co-founders of an international dating app.

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Then how can we overcome this challenge?

Co-founders of an international dating app argue that if your White spouse feels superior and says, “Oh, you can hang out with a White man with money now”, you need to figure out whether that is a joke. Indeed, this can be a joke and that’s fine. Nonetheless, if your spouse is not really joking, you have to evaluate your romantic relationship.

If you are the individual who feels superior in the relationship, you probably need to ask why you have this kind of feeling. Obviously, there is a better way to work on yourself rather than feeling superior to your spouse.

Some White men feel superior to their wives from other countries simply because the only thing they are proud of is their race. Sad but true.

• When you bring your foreign wife to the West, she will suddenly figure out that she is a high-value woman.

Truthfully, many western ladies are overweight and not very feminine. Also, they tend to compete with men and want to outdo men. Small wonder the divorce rate is so high in western countries nowadays. 

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying western men are great and western women are not good enough. I’m just pointing out the fact that international marriages are oftentimes more stable. (Source: international dating apps)

Further analysis shows that many foreign women are feminine, pretty and slim . Besides, they truly respect their husbands and do not want to compete with guys. Therefore, an international marriage is a natural state for a lot of western guys.

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But nobody’s marriage is 100% perfect. As you bring your foreign wife to the West, maybe she will realize that her value is pretty high in the West. Before moving to the West, she didn’t know her high value as most foreign women look pretty good. Yet after moving to the West, she might figure out that she actually looks much more attractive than the majority of western women. In addition, she is more respectful, more caring, more elegant and more feminine.

Consequently, your foreign bride will think, “At last I know I’m a high-value lady here; therefore, I surely deserve a better life than what I have now.”

This is exactly when issues rock up: the dynamics in the international marriage can change as your fo reign wife’s viewpoint about herself has changed now.

This is a very unpleasant topic, but it happens all the time.

• Change your social circle, change your life.

I know this sounds slightly ruthless and cruel. Yet if your international marriage is certainly more paramount than your social circle, you must change your friends.

If you only have loser friends whose girlfriends and wives are ugly or fat, your attractive foreign bride will get the above-mentioned verdict even faster after moving to the West.

“Actually, a big factor that prevents us from improving our lives is people around us,” says a dating coach from an international dating app, “There are many western ladies who are unattractive and fat, yet there are still some western men whose wives are slim and pretty. My question is why can’t you find high-value men as your new friends?”

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A typical signal that you have to change your social circle is when loser friends say, “Oh, no. You won’t make it” each time you mention your career goals. Frankly, if someone does not want you to achieve more success, that person is not your friend. End of story.

Note that when you change for the better, you are invalidating your loser friends who have decided to stay the same and remain stagnant – they do not want to improve themselves and their own lives. (Source: international dating apps)

A relationship coach from an international dating app maintains that a high a chiever’s social circle should keep growing, varying and developing. Otherwise, the social circle will become stale.

If your male friend is trying to flirt with your foreign wife, you must remove him from your social circle. Full stop.

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When a loser friend says to you, “You won’t make it. Why bother?”, you have to stop updating this loser on your ambitious and achievements – do not share your goals and dreams with demotivating individuals.

Quote: “Your net worth is determined by your network, so if you are surrounded by loser friends, you won’t make it.”