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Interracial dating apps: potential challenges in an interracial relationship
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Interracial dating apps: potential challenges in an interracial relationship

In a typical western country, when a White guy is dating an Asian woman, he is supposed to pay for things because the Asian lady expects him to do that. But the White guy oftentimes just wants to pay 50% of things. This conflict may continue after they have moved in together. This cultural difference is usually the real reason why interracial relationships between White men and Asian women rarely work very well in many western countries. But most people avoid talking about this topic .

• White men are conditioned by the mainstream western culture which promotes feminism.

Why does the mainstream narrative want to push feminism all the time these days, especially in western countries?

Relationship coaches from interracial dating apps argue that feminism is exactly what the Establishment and the elite want to promote because they are looking to separate men from women further by pushing “feminism”, “globalism” and “homosexuality”.

Then the Establishment and the elite could profit from having more immigrants and women in the labor force, for the average salary can be lowered even further.

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In my grandparents’ generation, women didn’t have jobs. Yet a guy could afford to buy a house and support his whole family with his income alone. But after women began to have jobs, nowadays even though a guy and his wife are both employed, they still find it super hard to afford a house. Therefore, it only means “feminism” has already lowered the average wage, although inflation is considered in the big picture.

By the way, don’t get me wrong, please. I have nothing against women, immigrants or LGBT community. I’m just saying that women, immigrants and LGBT community are being used by the mainstream culture for a reason that they are not aware of – the elite and the Establishment are using them for financial reasons.

Because women are already in the labor force and homosexuality is promoted further, the birth rate has to be lower now. As a result, the elite and the Establishment want to promote “globalism” and send immigrants to western countries. After immigrants have joined the labor force, the average wage will be even lower. (Source: interracial dating app)

• Two different value systems may result in conflicts in an interracial relationship.

Annie and Stephen met each other on an interracial dating app. Now they are married. 

Stephen is a New Zealand White guy and Annie is an Asian lady. Most people in New Zealand enjoy a relaxed way of life, so Annie finds it difficult to understand why Stephen does not want to be an entrepreneur. In Annie’s value system, wealth is more paramount than relaxing at home.

Apparently, Annie’s No. 1 value is financial success, whilst Stephen doesn’t value wealth creation that much. That’s why this couple always have conflict in their daily life.

Relationship counsellors from interracial dating apps point out that Annie and Stephen should accept their different values. Annie would be well-advised to be a female entrepreneur and let Stephen do what suits him. Remember: a couple does not have to connect through their career objectives.

That is to say, this couple could connect through other aspects in life, e.g. hobbies and interests. They should totally accept their differences in terms of career goals.

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• Unhealthy assumptions are common in interracial relationships.

Let’s say you are a White woman dating an Indian man & you constantly want to discuss curry with your partner because of an assumption – Indians like curry. But your Indian man may feel offended as an assumption is usually caused by a stereotype.

If you’re an African American lady dating a German man. You might bring him sausages and beer when you go to his place as you may assume that German people must love sausages and beer. Yet in reality, this German man may not even drink beer and could be a vegetarian – he could be a health-conscious individual.

“Be curious and avoid stereotypes,” says a dating expert from an interracial dating app, “Do not make assumptions about your partner when you’re in an interracial relationship. Dating is a journey – you are supposed to discover your partner’s real interests and worldview gradually in this process.”

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• Some couples in interracial relationships tend to shy away from certain hot button topics.

I know racism exists and many people do not want to talk about this uncomfortable topic. Many interracial couples assume that true love can make racism disappear, so whenever they watch a difficult TV show together or watch the news at home, they are pretending that racism does not even exist in real life.

This could become a real issue when one individual’s family refuse to accept this individual’s partner who is from a different race because of racial discrimination. If this couple simply brush it off, this issue will probably be a deal breaker later on. (Source: interracial dating apps)

“Communication is so key,” says a dating counsellor from an interracial dating app, “When there’s a problem, you should deal with it immediately. If your spouse’s family do not accept you, you have to candidly discuss your feelings with your spouse. As for the person whose family do not accept your partner, you must validate your partner’s feelings effectively.”

In reality, not every friend will truly understand why you’re dating somebody from another race. This is a difficult fact that you have to face.

Statistics indicate that at the end of most individuals’ lives, they regret not listening to their own opinions, their own inner pilot light!

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Listening to other people’s viewpoints and feeling upset due to that is just like looking for issues before they even arise. Honestly, your relationship does not have a real problem because these opinions are not your opinion or your spouse’s opinion, okay?

“Most individuals are thinking about themselves and their own problems all the time, so they don’t really have the time or the bandwidth to think about you or judge you,” says a dating coach from an interracial dating app, “Even if some of your friends may judge you as you are dating someone from another race, their viewpoints matter less than your opinion and your spouse’s opinion.”

Let’s say a friend of yours literally judges you only because you are in an interracial relationship – frankly, this individual is not your real friend. Your relationship can test whether people around you are real friends or not – isn’t that interesting?

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• Are you sexually compatible?

Individuals from different races usually have some very different biological traits – that’s perfectly fine; it’s very normal. For instance, when an Asian girl is dating a White guy, chances are they aren’t really sexually compatible as her honeypot could be a bit too tight for him.

A doctor in Chicago mentions that she saw an interracial couple who were sent to the emergency department by an ambulance – the White guy was unable to unplug his willy out of his Asian lady’s honeypot (they were totally stuck). So, the doctor had to give the Asian lady an injection, and then her muscles were able to relax and allow the White guy’s willy to leave her honeypot.

“You must spend more time to learn more about your partner in bed because patience is very important,” says a relationship counsellor from an interracial dating app, “You need to have a good understanding of your spouse in the bedroom, thereby improving the quality of intimacy in your interracial relationship.”

Quote: “Interracial dating may include some challenges, but you can overcome them.”