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Should nice guys finish last? (Advice from the best dating apps for Android)
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Should nice guys finish last? (Advice from the best dating apps for Android)

To be honest, there is certainly a difference between “kind” and “nice”. People would respect a kind individual, yet I wonder if a nice guy is being nice for the right reasons or not. Usually, a nice guy is nice only because he is looking to make himself look good – that’s actually a selfish reason, according to dating counsellors from the best dating apps for Android .

• The truth about the nice guy syndrome:

The nice guy syndrome is about a nice man who is afraid of offending ladies; therefore, he is nice all the time. But unfortunately, that literally kills attraction, sexual tension and chemistry. For example, a nice man calls a lady 4 times per day in order to give her more attention; he sends her text messages 10 times per day to tell her how much he misses her; he answers all her questions in each text message quickly; he sends her flowers at least once a week….

Now the problem is lack of challenge. Note that without perceived challenge, a man’s perceived value gets lower and lower.

Even though ladies tell you that they want to meet nice guys, that’s obviously not what ladies realistically respond to. This is the ugly truth that every nice guy must face.

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The real reason why ladies cannot be turned on by nice men is because ladies inherently want to chase high-value guys. Most ladies will never admit this fact. 

A lady logically tells herself, “I would like to meet a nice man,” yet in reality, she prefers a high-value man who has high standards and knows what he deserves.

That being said, it does not mean ladies prefer jerks either. Being a high-value man is very different from being a total jerk.

A high-value man shows perceived challenge that can turn ladies on, whilst a real jerk does not even respect ladies in the first place. (Source: the best dating app for Android)

• Do nice men still have hope?

“Yes, nice men still have hope,” says a dating counsellor from the best dating app for Android, “Nevertheless, this isn’t really about playing hard-to-get.”

Playing hard-to-get is all about pretending to be a high-value guy rather than literally being a high-value guy. So, here is the solution – a nice man needs to have standards for ladies to meet so he can become a high-value man in ladies’ eyes. Besides, he should set the right boundaries so that ladies will understand how they are supposed to interact with him.

Note that in dating & relationships, ladies will treat yo u in the way which you allow them to treat you!

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• How to use seduction to get the girl you want:

Low-level seduction is only about getting into someone’s pants so that you can jump them, whereas high-level seduction is about making a person sexually, psychologically and emotionally addicted to you!

First, you can improve your perceived sexiness, according to a dating counsellor from the best dating app for Android.

Let’s think about some s*x symbols in history and we will figure out that many of them are not really objectively hot. Even Marilyn Monroe was chubby based on our standards today. Yet what those individuals have in common is perceived sexiness – how attractive they are is literally a perception in our mind.

It seems that perception is usually influenced by a lot of factors that are not really about an individual’s objective sexiness.

“How you present yourself, how you carry yourself, how you walk, how you talk, your voice, eye contact and body language – all of these elements contribute to your perceived attractiveness,” says a dating expert from the best dating app for Android, “You can work on your perceived sexiness proactively!”

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Second, you can work on your conversational skills.

Seducing a girl is not as hard as you think. The quickest way to get a lady interested in you is to be a great conversationalist. You can hone this skill by reading some books about human dynamics and communication. You can also imitate how comedians talk selectively and prepare some interesting stuff to talk about on a date with a woman.

In reality, most spontaneous and playful seducers & seductresses are well-prepared before they seduce someone hot. Naturals are very, very rare; most dating gurus studied the science of attraction like a manual, okay?

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• You should go for the right individual who shares the same value system with you.

Let’s say you are looking for a partner who wants to build a long-term relationship with you. In that case, you two must have similar values, meaning your values and her values can’t conflict with each other dramatically. (Source: the best dating apps for Android)

For example, if you value exciting experiences and want to travel frequently but she values tranquility at home all the time, then this romantic relationship isn’t right. Make sure you and your girlfriend are on the same page when it comes to value systems.

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Quote: “Dating doesn’t have to be difficult – you just need to equip yourself with the right knowledge and skills!”