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Best dating apps for iPhone: Kiss is an art form
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Best dating apps for iPhone

Best dating apps for iPhone: Kiss is an art form

“Living in a modern ADHD world, kissing a woman on the first date is very common these days,” says co-founder of the best dating app for iPhone, “How to kiss properly on the first date is actually an art form.”

• You can pre-frame the kiss in the right way.

Kissing on the first date is absolutely normal, so you should be prepared for that.

First and most importantly, you can’t have bad breath. I wish I don’t have to say this, but many people have bad breath which is an immediate turn-off.

It’s super key to brush your teeth twice a day, floss your teeth every night and eat a mint before you go out for a date with someone you’ve met on the best dating app for iPhone.

As a romantic guy, you should wear a cologne because the right perfume will turn ladies on. If you have more budget, you may invest in a high-end cologne because if you smell good, women will respond to your advances better as women’s perception of you will be more positive due to your scent.

In many cases, perception is reality. This is just the unpleasant truth that we have to embrace.

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• Be ready for the passionate kiss.

Because you are a guy, it’s your responsibility to initiate the passionate kiss. You can read her signals, okay?

If a lady gives you eye contact in an intense way, that usually means she likes you. If her voice suddenly becomes husky and very gentle, she certainly likes you!

If she wants to impress you, you would know it because she will laugh at all of your jokes even if your jokes aren’t remotely funny.

You can initiate the passionate kiss after seeing some signals from her.

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• Savor the passionate kiss like a stud.

According to dating experts from the best dating apps for iPhone , it’s a man’s responsibility to make his lady enjoy the passionate kiss. Give her a wonderful experience so she will ask for more and more!

Meanwhile, you must enjoy the passionate kiss as well by making it a mindful, memorable and magnificent kiss. You can kiss her lower lip, her upper lip and then her tongue gradually and slowly.

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• Bonus ideas:

1) Create a very romantic vibe.

The setting is paramount. Truthfully, the female sexuality is very contextual. It’s your duty to build the right setting for her so she will be aroused quickly and easily.

Please note that the right setting does not have to be very complex. Actually, many romantic settings are quite simple, e.g. a clean house, a dark cinema, the beach, an aromatic café. (Source: best dating apps for iPhone)

Having said that, you are not supposed to try too hard, for if you are trying too hard, you become low-value. For example, you shouldn’t use a lot of candles when she goes to your apartment. You may light 1-2 candles maximum. However, if you light 33 candles so as to impress your lady, she will be turned off surprisingly. I know it sounds counterproductive, but you shouldn’t try too hard. You must stay mysterious to some degree.

No, this isn’t about playing hard to get; it’s about having high standards – she needs to prove herself to you before you invest in her further, okay?

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2) A strong personality + a gentle flair = the best combination

Great! You invite a lady to your place after meeting her via the best dating app for iPhone. Now you’re ready to give her a kiss for the very first time! And you need a quick guide, right? Check this out (techniques below are offered by dating experts from the best dating apps for iPhone):

I. Play some gentle, romantic and intoxicating background music, e.g. Secret Garden, Savage Garden, Enya, Norah Jones, Darren Hayes and Whitney Houston .

II. Build massive attraction by drinking some red wine while looking at the lady’s gorgeous eyes in a seductive way. Don’t kiss her too quickly.

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III. You give her some space and time, and then you get closer to her and hold her hand. Now you pinch this lady’s fingers a little bit. If she pinches your fingers as well, it’s on.

IV. After she has shown you clear signals, you know she is already aroused, so you push this lady against the wall in the living room in a slightly aggressive manner. Now you look like a very masculine man because you are a masculine guy already!

V. Gently and slowly give her a kiss on the lips. Now this shows your gentle flair – the contrast will make her wet immediately because this is a unique pairing.

VI. The make-out session should happen in the living room; the foreplay can also happen in the living room. You are supposed to complete the intercourse in the bedroom later – this will make her feel better because it does not make her look like a slut.

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“If the lady you’ve met via the best dating app for iPhone gives you blue balls, just be okay with it – you can initiate the make-out session again later on – it only means she needs more time!”