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Best dating apps 2020: How manipulation happens in good relationships
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Best dating apps 2020: How manipulation happens in good relationships

In the 3rd decade of the 21st century, we have abundance in our love lives because the best dating apps 2020 give us so many options – as long as we use smartphones, we have access to thousands of potential partners online immediately. However, it doesn’t mean a good relationship is guaranteed. Well, even if you are in a good relationship, manipulation can still happen . Let me explain this key idea with real examples regarding platonic relationships and romantic relationships.

• How does manipulation happen in a friendship or a platonic relationship?

A friend gave me some tickets to a show; hence, I assumed that she was unable to go & she would like to “gift” them to me instead. I was going overseas; consequently, it wasn’t until I literally couldn’t use these tickets when I figured out that the tickets that she gave me included one for herself, too.

Her question was, “Would you like tickets to XYZ show?”

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Yet actually, the real question which should have been asked is, “Would you like to go to see XYZ show with me?”

Now you may wonder why this friend avoided the authentic question, right? Truthfully, the real reason isn’t pretty – because if this friend had asked me to go to see XYZ show with her, I would probably have said NO, for I don’t really enjoy her company; however, obviously, she certainly enjoys my company. (Source: best dating app 2020)

• How does manipulation happen in marriages and other romantic relationships?

In order to answer this question professionally, I have interviewed several dating coaches from the best dating apps 2020. They have provided some very cool examples below.

Example 1:

“Samantha, I bought tissues for you,” says Alex.

If it really was for Samantha, then Alex shouldn’t use the tissues and should ask for it when he needs some tissues!

Example 2:

“Mary, you need a massage as you have had a hard day,” says Douglas.

Realistically, Douglas can’t give what isn’t actually being asked for & then expect Mary to be grateful for his offer. Honestly, Douglas could make a suggestion; nonetheless, he should not become upset if Mary doesn’t want a massage at all (Mary did not ask for a massage).

Therefore, if you would like to give your partner something, you should ask them what they want & then do exactly that, not kind of what they have asked for, but exactly what they have actually asked for, okay?

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Example 3:

People who have watched Mad Men possibly remember the conversation between Don and Betty when they talk about getting divorced. Please note that many individuals argue that Betty and Don’s marriage does not have a real issue.

As Betty says, “Don, I’m leaving; I don’t love you anymore,” Don replies, “Betty, you don’t mean that; you are simply tired right now.”

Don’s words sound pretty nice; nevertheless, he is so manipulative, for he does not want to end that marriage. (Source: best dating apps 2020)

• More kisses, less manipulation

After talking about how manipulation happens in relationships, let’s discuss how to make full use of the best dating apps 2020. 

First of all, when you are on the best dating app 2020 , you should go out for dates and avoid chatting online for many weeks with strangers.

It’s perfectly normal to kiss someone on the first date, but do you know how to be a good kisser? Here’s how:

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Step 1: build a romantic atmosphere

Gary Vaynerchuk famously said, “Content is king, but context is God.”

When his principle is used in the dating scene, it becomes: What you do is king, but where, when & how you do it is God.

Indeed, in terms of kissing someone special for the first time, the kiss is the goal, and the atmosphere as well as your kissing techniques directly determine if this ultimate goal will be achieved.

So, you would be well-advised to build a romantic atmosphere in the first place. For example, you may take your lady to a romantic coffeehouse where you are able to sit side by side, which allows you to escalate physically on her more naturally and organically.

Of course, you can also build a romantic atmosphere at home by taking your lady to your place where wine and candles are ready. According to dating experts from the best dating apps 2020, aromatic candles with intoxicating scent may turn on your lady quickly, e.g. sandalwood and ylang-ylang candles. Besides, wine is an effective tool – after drinking, everyone is less guarded, right?

By the way, you may prepare some chocolates with rum in it (think rum truffle ), for chocolate is a real aphrodisiac that generates love hormones in the body – you two will fall in love faster.

Step 2: eye contact

You aren’t supposed to stare at her for hours. Actually, eye contact should be used differently. Let me explain.

Frankly, you have to evaluate when you need to initiate the seductive eye contact with her. Perhaps you may get started as you give her a chocolate. Or you may look at her beautiful eyes as you finish drinking some red wine.

When is she ready? Find that out! Does she begin to look for excuses to touch you “accidentally”? Is her voice getting more and more gentle? Do her eyes look dreamy? These are all key signals from a woman who is horny and turned on.

Then you can look at her eyes silently and passionately. Maintain hell-fire eye contact during the mysterious silence.

And you break the intense eye contact by looking at her eye brows for one second, and then looking at her nose for one second, and looking at her lips for one second.

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Step 3: Touch her with love

You can get close to your lady and build the sexual tension gradually. Naturally touch her arm and her back. Switch on your right brain.

Mindfully feel the sexual attraction in your body; move your hands slowly on her back or arm. Enjoy her sexy reaction.

So long as she doesn’t reject you, it’s on, according to a dating coach from the best dating app 2020.

Step 4: Kiss her passionately

As you are kissing your lady, you should close your eyes a little bit – now you are in the same energetic field with her. (Source: the best dating app 2020)

Slowly and mindfully use your lips to touch hers. And remember to touch her back while kissing her with passion. Use your tongue to explore her mouth and feel her tongue.

Feel her heartbeat by getting close to her breasts. Your upper body should be pressed against her breasts. If her reaction is positive, you can use your hands to play with her breasts. 

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Step 5: Make sexy noises

As you are kissing your lady, you can make sexy noises if you like. This will encourage her to enjoy this kiss even more!

Quote: “Dating coaches from the best dating apps 2020 argue that you may even pre-frame the kiss and the make-out session by seeing a romantic film together.”

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