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Sexting dating app: The Truth about Sexuality Development
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sexting dating apps

Sexting dating app: The Truth about Sexuality Development

A relationship expert from a sexting dating app once said, “You can live without s*x; however, you can’t live without touch.”

Interestingly, touch is an amazing healer. It heals you physically, mentally and spiritually in wonderful ways.

If you are on a sexting dating app, you can build a virtual relationship with someone online and have phone s*x regularly or send nudes to each other for masturbation purposes – even touching yourself is good for you!

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• When to see a Somatic Sexologist:

Let’s say a sexting dating app still can’t meet your needs and you are sexually frustrated in real life . In that case, you need to see a Somatic Sexologist who has studied human sexual life and specializes in the physical aspect of sexuality rather than the mental dimension.

A certified Somatic Sexologist can provide Somatic Sexology (Bodywork) to heal you.

First of all, you must take full responsibility for your sexuality if you decide to hire a Somatic Sexologist, as the power in Bodywork actually lies in yourself, i.e. the recipient of this effective therapy. Real growth starts from your own ability to face your truth and take action accordingly. Bodywork is for people who are definitely ready for growth and change.

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Bodywork is a comprehensive approach who deals with various dimensions of sexuality: increasing awareness of sexual sensations, physical pleasure, exploring erotic fun, mapping, orgasmic yoga and embodiment education.

Even if you are a virgin , you will benefit from Bodywork as well. But Bodywork isn’t s*x servicing at all because it’s a therapy and the sexologist is fully dressed!

Those who are interested in dealing with their sexual concerns and issues would be well-advised to hire a Somatic Sexologist and benefit from Bodywork. The sexologist can use many methods to help you: erotic massage, breath work, talk therapy and mindful masturbation.

• What’s the difference between a clinical s*x therapist and a somatic sexologist?

The most common sexual concerns are ED, PE, low desire, anorgasmia, anhedonia, pelvic pain, sexual trauma, gender dysphoria, paraphilic disorder, ageism, relationship problems, and so on.

If you go to see a clinical s*x therapist, this therapist tends to use medical solutions and standard therapies. After the initial diagnosis, they will recommend some supplements which may numb your pain. They might also recommend surgery and believe in gender binary as well as normalization. That’s why they oftentimes give people “either or” choices. Furthermore, a clinical s*x therapist gives clients talk therapy as the main solution to issues.

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Meditation and Spiritual Teacher Sah D’Simone once said, “In reality, talk therapy won’t solve the fundamental problem; hence, we have to move our bodies joyfully.”

That means clinical s*x therapists are able to treat the symptoms only (this is highly valuable as well). Nevertheless, in terms of dealing with the root cause, people should find somatic sexologist instead.

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A somatic sexologist provides a safe environment by holding space, listening and teaching boundaries first. There is no setting you straight, advising or fixing. The sexologist merely offers safe and wanted touch that is totally client-led & gives choices as well as voice empowerment throughout the therapy. The focus of this therapy is embodiment, pleasure practices and felt sense practices. In this way, the sexologist gives anatomy education and sexual knowledge at the same time. Apart from that, the sexologist combines individual learning zones with community; this client-focused therapy certainly has integrity and ethics.

Members on a sexting dating app told us that getting holistic help from a sexologist is better than seeing a clinical s*x therapist because treating the root cause is more paramount than treating the symptoms.

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• What about sacred sexuality and Tantra?

On the sexting dating app, a very popular topic is Tantra. However, do you know how effective Tantra actually is? Experts in this industry give us the answer to this million-dollar question below.

“Speaking of Tantra, I like the practices as well as what they could bring to a relationship. Tantra can help two individuals to connect well,” says a relationship counsellor from a sexting dating app, “Yet I hate the label and dislike the fact that Tantra also breeds many predators while placing exceedingly high expectations in terms of what is & is not tantric.”

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How does Tantra help?

Please think about your relationship as a plant in the house. The initial thing you must do is to ensure a suitable environment for this indoor plant to thrive. And you should consider what kind of sunlight is right and how much water is needed. These factors have to be correct. Otherwise, this indoor plant will surely suffer.

Now Tantra is just like the fertilizer that could just support the indoor plant (the romantic relationship) when the environment is actually right .

Remember: no amount of fertilizer will help an indoor plant which is not getting the right sunlight or water – this indoor plant (the romantic relationship) will certainly suffer even with a lot of fertilizer because the environment is wrong. The conclusion is: the fertilizer (Tantra) is only effective if the indoor plant is in the right environment where the fertilizer isn’t absolutely necessary but it can truly help make it thrive and flourish as the environment itself is already optimum.

“According to experts from sexting dating apps, Tantra is not really a crisis management tool when a romantic relationship is in trouble.”

April 21 2020