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Relationship dating app: New approaches to dating in modern culture
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Relationship dating app

Relationship dating app: New approaches to dating in modern culture

Culture is always changing, which is very normal. A few decades ago, “lover” was a person you were in love with. However, nowadays “lover” is a person you sleep with. Therefore, the modern dating scene requires different approaches these days.

• Do not assume you are in a monogamous relationship already.

A female friend of mine stopped seeing other guys when she was dating a handsome man. But then she figured out that it was not even a serious relationship as the handsome man didn’t want a commitment in the first place! Yet this lady’s opportunity cost is super high because she did not date other guys for years. Obviously, this woman should have had an honest discussion with that handsome guy very early in their romantic relationship.

That’s why joining a relationship dating app like Brilic is beneficial – many people on this app are looking for serious, long-term and meaningful relationships. Of course, when you meet someone via Brilic dating app , you still need to have a candid conversation about the nature of this relationship with that person early. Don’t wait until everything is too late, okay?

If you meet someone on a mainstream dating app, always make sure you and the person you are dating are actually on the same page! A situationship is not for everyone. End of story.

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• It’s not necessary to know your partner’s social media passwords.

After meeting someone hot via a relationship dating app, you build enough emotional connection with this person and start an official relationship. Now you might want to know your partner’s Facebook password….

Well, don’t do it. Please let me explain.

If there is an issue in your romantic relationship, you need to address that issue directly. If there is no issue in your romantic relationship, why do you want to know your partner’s Facebook password?

Dating coaches from relationship dating apps have never seen a couple who solved their problems simply by asking for each other’s Facebook passwords!

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• Shared experiences are the foundation of a romantic relationship.

Let’s say a relationship merely has mutual benefits and intimacy, that’s basically an arrangement rather than a real relationship, as mutual benefits and intimacy are all about the left brain and sexual needs. 

The right brain has to be switched on so as to feel legitimate love in a real relationship. Apparently, a genuine connection is significant in a serious relationship. Research shows that shared experiences between two individuals are the foundation of a genuine connection – through shared experiences, you and your lady can understand each other in a realistic way.

A recent study conducted by a relationship dating app suggests that shared experiences which include emotional investment can build a genuine connection fast. For example, when a guy and a girl go to see a horror film together, she will probably need his physical “protection” as the film is terrifying. Basically, that’s when she will need to sit on his seductive laps! 

A case in point is when a guy and a girl climb a mountain, the girl will possibly need the guy to hold her beautiful hand occasionally. That reminds me of Titanic – Jack meets Rose officially when she climbs back to the big ship after attempting suicide. That gesture surely makes a guy feel like a masculine man and makes the lady feel like a girlie girl.

You can take some pictures each time you go out with your romantic partner. Let’s say you two go to Australia together – you’d better take a lot of pictures in Australia and choose some high-quality photos and have these photos framed. Every time you look at these photos on the desk or on the wall in your house, you will be able to savor the memorable experiences forever. Yes, photos are effective emotional buttons! In this way, your romantic relationship will become stronger, better and sweeter.

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• What’s the building blocks of a sustainable relationship?

According to dating experts from a relationship dating app , a healthy relationship’s building blocks may surprise you.

The answer to that million-dollar question is: a friendship.

Indeed, every romantic relationship will go through many challenges in the long run; hence, the building blocks of a romantic relationship are so important. Most relationships must fail as those individuals are not even friends in the first place.

For example, if you and your wife merely talk about basic things such as logistics and haven’t had a real conversation for a long time, it’s a loveless marriage – you aren’t even friends. 

Hence, a healthy relationship should begin as a friendship. (Source: relationship dating apps)

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• Don’t lose yourself in a romantic relationship.

It’s easy to lose yourself when you are in love because love is blind.

When you are in an official relationship, you still need to take action toward goals that you set a while ago, spend time with friends and family, enjoy your hobbies and focus on your career.

Quote: “Joy is your birthright. Make your relationship joyful!”

April 06 2020