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Entrepreneur dating apps: What’s the new trend?
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Entrepreneur dating apps

Entrepreneur dating apps: What’s the new trend?

In modern-day society, a growing number of ambitious and capable entrepreneurs are looking for true love on the Web. Yes, internet dating has been very mainstream for quite a while; therefore, many entrepreneurs as well as their admirers would like to meet online . How does an entrepreneur dating app work?

• The real reasons why an increasing number of singles are looking for partners via entrepreneur dating apps:

Currently, we are living in the most phenomenal era of all time: the contemporary society is characterized by equal opportunities, unlimited resources and Internet access. So, a lot of people are independent and successful entrepreneurs rather than employees with dead-end jobs. As lots of entrepreneurs work really hard for their own projects, they usually don’t have the time to join social groups in real life. 

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Gary Vaynerchuk famously said, “Entrepreneurship is lonely, stressful and difficult. It’s not for everyone. Your employees are not working for you. You are working for your employees.” He is absolutely right. I truly appreciate his insight into the truth about entrepreneurship.

Since many entrepreneurs are lonely and are looking for like-minded people in order to have satisfying love lives, some entrepreneur dating apps have been created. For example, on Brilic, many daters are CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, doctors as well as their admirers. That is to say, most of our members are very successful elite singles who actually think big.

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• If you’re a male entrepreneur or business owner looking for a beautiful lady….

Truthfully, lots of attractive women have joined our database. They are actresses, beauty queens, pop singers and models. Some of them are celebrities and university students. So, if you are looking for a respected, cultured, refined, elegant and well-educated lady, you can meet her on this platform – Brilic.

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• If you’re a female entrepreneur or business owner looking for a hot guy….

As a high-caliber lady with a successful career, you deserve the best gentleman! I understand that finding the right guy is not easy because your standards are pretty high. You are probably overqualified! Note that in our database, we have many male entrepreneurs who are high-caliber men! Brilic won’t disappoint you.

• Bonus ideas:

1) To maximize your success rate, you should send messages to members who get your attention, no matter you are a lady or a gentleman. Remember: do not wait until someone approaches you; you are supposed to be proactive and create opportunities for yourself.

2) Don’t underestimate the power of a high-quality dating profile photo. You need to upload your best photos on your profile so that you can get more pageviews fast. You need many people to discover your dating profile. In this way, you will find the right person in record time. (Source: entrepreneur dating app)

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3) Though chatting online is handy, I would like to encourage you to meet someone you like in person quickly. Sending messages back and forth can waste you time if you aren’t even sure whether the person you are chatting with is the right candidate or not. You have to find it out by meeting them in person as soon as possible. 

4) Never let your wish list stop you from meeting high-quality candidates. I know you have high standards. Yet the real goal of writing down a list of standards is to clarify your type. This is not really about confirming that the candidate meets every standard. However, please don’t forget your non-negotiables. You must keep your non-negotiables all the time. But other things on the list can be negotiable. For instance, perhaps you have met a good-looking and smart individual; however, this individual comes from a poor family. In that case, you might want to consider dating this person as they can bring more value to other areas of your life. Of course, this is super important if your non-negotiables are intelligence and good looks. 😉

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5) Don’t stop working on yourself. You can keep working on your charisma and become a pleasant conversationalist. Actually, many people with average faces are still hot, e.g. Tom Cruise, Bill Clinton and Will Smith – they aren’t extremely handsome; nevertheless, they are very charismatic and attractive. More importantly, they are delightful conversationalists! Of course, when you are more knowledgeable and sophisticated, it’s a bit easier for you to become a great conversationalist – you literally have more interesting things to say on a date! So, I highly encourage you to become an avid reader and a lifelong learner. Be a student of life!

6) Do not make money the ultimate elephant in the room. Many people think money is a taboo topic in dating and relationships. Nonetheless, if you want to be with someone special forever, you have to talk about money with this individual now. If you avoid talking about money in your relationship, there might be something shocking happening later on. Nowadays, most individuals find it hard when they talk about money. Yet avoiding it altogether is not beneficial at all. 

According to counsellors from entrepreneur dating apps, it’s important to discuss money with your partner in a dating relationship.
March 20 2020