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What men and women do differently while using a popular dating app?
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What men and women do differently while using a popular dating app?

After doing some extensive research, I’ve realized that men and women operate very differently, especially when it comes to how they prepare before going out for a date. For instance, I’ve interviewed many men and women who are active members on popular dating apps & they have very interesting things to say!

• Women want to be slim because they believe that high-value men prefer slim women rather than overweight women.

This isn’t the most politically correct thing to say, but a lot of women tend to think that most high-quality guys like slim women instead of obese women. Let me show you some real examples below.

Vivian is a 21-year-old girl looking for love on a popular dating app. She is using a special tea in order to lose weight so that she can land a successful guy.

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“I was trying to figure out how to get toned before summer ends, as I really wanted to wear bikini! A friend at university recommended this special tea to me, so I’ve tried drinking this beautiful and scrumptious tea before breakfast for about four weeks. Thanks to this very special tea, I feel so much refreshed and energized every morning now. It’s nearly the end of summer, and I’ve already been to the pool party that I was looking forward to, wearing my favorite bikini,” says Vivian, “I also took some photos at the pool party so that I can use good photos on my dating profile on the popular dating app . I’m pretty sure high-quality photos attract high-quality men’s attention! Without attention, nothing works on the dating app.”

Kirsten is a 25-year-old lady looking for true love online. She has given up coffee in order to lose weight so that she can become a more attractive woman. Instead of drinking coffee every morning, now she drinks matcha instead.

“Previously, I often had a cup of cappuccino during breakfast, and I ate junk food and had no time to go to the gym, because my life was bombarded with work. This year, I’ve decided to reset my body, so I went to see a nutritionist who recommended Japanese matcha to me. I have drunk matchaduring breakfast for three months, and here’s the difference: Now I don’t crave sugar anymore, as matcha has reduced hunger; I have lost 6 pounds – I know that isn’t much; however, since I was overweight for fifteen years, I know this is an achievement,” says Kirsten, “I highly recommend Japanese matcha to any woman who is looking to look great! Now I understand why most Japanese girls are so slim!”

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• Women also use fat loss strategies to feel better emotionally.

Brook is a 30-year-old woman who is divorced and looking for love again. Here’s what she says:

“After breaking up with my ex-husband, I was determined to change my lifestyle. In my opinion, a good starting point is to change my diet. Therefore, I did some research and found this fat loss smoothie! Although the nature of my job requires me to work night shifts, now I can recover so much faster after drinking this smoothie for five weeks. This fat loss smoothie has certainly motivated me to become a happier and more radiant woman. I’m grateful that I’ve found this amazing product,” says Brook, “Now I’m confident enough to join a popular dating app and start to look for love once again.”

Monica is a 32-year-old elegant lady, and she knows how to manage her weight!

“I have been drinking green tea for one year and I can’t imagine life without green tea now. I had tried a wide variety of other products since 1999, and the green tea recommended by my personal trainer is the best – this tea has helped me to manage my weight EXTREMNELY WELL! Sorry for the capital letters, but it is true! Now I have the confidence to go to the beach with my new boyfriend who is ten years younger than me. I look slimmer, feel prettier and life is sweeter,” says Monica, “I met him via the most popular dating app.”

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Caitlyn is a 34-year-old lady looking for a new partner. She has recently changed her life.

“At last, I have found a solution to my long-term metabolism problem: My doctor told me that I would be fat all my life because of my metabolism. I was very disappointed, but I didn’t give it up. So, I started to look for alternative methods and found this special drink which contains organic ginger root and organic lotus leaf in it (these ingredients have increased my metabolism). I know it’s working for me because I can see my clothes are becoming loose, and this process feels like rebirth. Now I’m on my way to finding the goddess in me,” says Caitlyn enthusiastically, “I’m super happy!”

• Men on the popular dating app think they should be tall and rich in order to get girls.

Interestingly, men’s behavior is very different. A lot of men tend to lie about their income and their height in dating profiles. Honestly, lying a little bit about their height is not a problem, but lying about their income can be an issue.

Let’s say you are a guy and your real height is 176cm, but on your dating profile you write “178cm” instead. That’s okay because when a woman meets you in person, she will still like you if you are charismatic. Note that many women may use height as a filter when they search for men on a dating app. Therefore, lying a little bit about your height is absolutely okay.

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However, when you lie about your income, there is a potential problem: let’s say a girl is dating you because she thinks you are financially successful. But later on, she discovers that you aren’t as rich as she imagined – then it can become an issue.

Basically, if you present yourself as a rich guy, some women may want to date you for the wrong reasons. Therefore, you should be honest in this regard .

Men and women are so different – research on popular dating apps shows you the dramatic differences between men and women when it comes to dating and relationships.