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Travel dating app: How to date models in exotic countries
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Travel dating app: How to date models in exotic countries

When you are traveling the world, you become an ever-growing, ev er-changing and ever-renewing person. You are born with an inner pilot light which guides you along the way. Your inner guidance leads you to this article today. Please take a moment to acknowledge your inner wisdom.

• Go to a fashion show and approach hot models before/after the show.

When you join a travel dating app, don’t forget to combine online dating with offline dating. Let’s say you visit Italy and you are looking to date attractive models in Italy. You should totally attend some fashion shows there and meet sexy models before the show or after the show.

Benjamin M. is a member of a travel dating app. He has met many beautiful women around the world via the app – most of those women are looking to date tourists from overseas. Meanwhile, he has also dated many hot models because he proactively approaches models at fashion shows.

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"Sometimes I feel unworthy because I’m not a tall guy & I’m interested in dating attractive models who are taller than me. But whenever that insecure thought arises, I immediately accept myself unconditionally,” says Benjamin M., a member of the travel dating app, “I always accept critical thoughts when they arise. As I see it, like attracts like, so my emotions and thoughts create an energy field around me which draws places, events and hot models to me that match my vibratory rate. This isn’t some woo-woo stuff that came from nowhere; this is the practical application of Law of Attraction.”

Whenever I go to a fashion show, I always arrive 30 minutes earlier so that I could meet some hot models before the show starts. Of course, if I didn’t get a hot model’s phone number before the fashion show, I always stay there for a while after the fashion show. I make sure I get at least one sexy model’s phone number afterwards.

“You will be surprised to know that most men don’t know this technique,” says Benjamin M., “Most men are really attracted to models, but first of all, they don’t even go to fashion shows; second of all, they don’t have the courage to approach hot models before/after the show.”

Dr. Christiane Northrup points out that 95% of the thoughts and beliefs creating your reality are unconscious, so it is your responsibility to make sure you manage the 5% of you that can change the unconscious programming – the 5% that you can control is your conscious mind. In the dating context, this is your desire to meet hot models & you know it. But perhaps your unconscious programming actually tells you that you can’t get attractive models. Sad but true. In order to change your reality, you have to chang e your mind literally, both conscious and unconscious. 

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• What if things go wrong?

As Ryan Holiday famously said, “All external events can be equally beneficial to us because we can turn them all upside down and make use of them. They can teach us a lesson we were unwilling to learn otherwise.”

That is to say, whenever things go wrong as you approach a hot model, you shouldn’t panic. You often think about what you want to have. Rarely do you consider how much worse things could have been.

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Yes, she rejected you, but she didn’t call the police for harassment.

Yes, she didn’t give you her phone number, but she didn’t slap your face.

Yes, she doesn’t like you, but it doesn’t mean other models will also dislike you.

“Whenever things don’t go as planned, I appreciate what I have done – I have tried my best already, so there is no regret,” says Benjamin M., the member of the travel dating app, “I focus on effort-based approach rather than result-based approach – as long as I’ve made enough effort, I validate myself and I don’t beat myself up.”

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Indeed, just as the saying goes, “Man proposes but God disposes.” Remember: you’re resilient and robust enough to handle whatever happens; if a hot model has rejected you and left, you can’t do anything about it anyway; you can choose to focus on the big picture and the long time line & still be proud of yourself.

When Benjamin M. (the member of the travel dating app) is rejected by a sexy model, he learns to find joy in it – he says he can learn the lesson and understand where he needs to improve – that’s how he hones his dating skills and his day game. He chooses to love whatever happens to him and face it with total cheerfulness. If this is what he has got to do or put up with, then he might as well be happy about it – that is Benjamin’s inner conversation with himself, no matter he is rejected by a hot girl on the travel dating app or by an attractive model at the fashion show.

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Because Benjamin M. reads books about Stoic philosophy, he is able to embrace cheerfulness in all situations, particularly the bad ones! In his opinion, acceptance and indifference are always better than rage or disappointment. He can’t choose what happens to him, yet he can always choose how he feels about it. In this case, whenever things go wrong, Benjamin chooses to feel great about it. I know this sounds strange, but it is how he operates in the dating department.

“If the rejection must happen, then a love of fate is my response,” says Benjamin M., “I accept what happens to me. In fact, I like it. I understand that in overcoming difficulties in dating and relationships, I become sharper, stronger and empowered . Benjamin loves adversities as that’s all fuel. He not only wants fuel, but also needs it. He can’t achieve anything without fuel, so he is grateful for those difficulties in dating. He decides to find the good within the bad and be cheerful due to it.

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• Expect adversity while dating a model.

According to Benjamin M., member of the travel dating app, men dating models should expect adversity because models face a large amount of temptation out there.

When things are going well, you don’t grow. But when things are not going well, that’s exactly where your growth lies in. Benjamin M. had a 7-year relationship with an attractive model from France. During those 7 years, Benjamin and his ex-girlfriend went through a lot. After going through ups and downs, Benjamin decided that he couldn’t marry his model ex-girlfriend.

“Life was good when everything was great at that time; however, whenever there was an issue, the relationship couldn’t stand the test of time,” says Benjamin M., member of the travel dating app, “I met her when I was traveling in France and the encounter was seriously perfect, so I started a relationship with her. But five years later, when I had a setback, she didn’t even want to look at me anymore. The situation was just like when Betty Draper knew Don Draper’s real name, she didn’t even want to look at him & they got a divorce. In my case, my ex-girlfriend didn’t want to talk to me anymore after she found out that my business was in big trouble. Then she told me that a large number of men are chasing her anyway, and she left me.”

January 09 2020