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Rich women dating app: How to identify an alpha woman
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Rich women dating app: How to identify an alpha woman

If you are a guy looking to date high-caliber women, this article is dedicated to you, my friend. I’ve interviewed Brook B., the spokesperson of a rich women dating app. She has shared her knowledge with us today.

• An alpha woman is an independent woman.

If a woman is rich, she is clearly financially independent. A woman like that doesn’t rely on men, so she is an alpha woman. She knows what she wants and what she deserves. More importantly, she knows how to get what she wants and how to negotiate in any relationship.

“An alpha woman is also known as a Spartan. She isn’t living in fear. She isn’t afraid to ask for what she deserves,” says Brook B., the spokesperson of a rich women dating app, “An alpha woman is independent financially, mentally and spiritually. She understands that she can do everything by herself, but it’s more fun if a guy can do something for her.”

In contrast, a beta woman would say, “I don’t need a man. I can do everything by myself!” But this beta woman doesn’t get it. In fact, it’s not about whether she can do everything by herself or not; it's about who has the luxury to enjoy men on different levels.

An alpha woman totally gets it – she doesn’t need a man; she wants a man.

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• An alpha woman is a competent thinker.

According to Brook B., the spokesperson of a rich women dating app, an alpha woman is usually a very good thinker. She has her own opinions and isn’t afraid to share her opinions with others. She can disagree with her man.

“Oftentimes, an alpha woman is a wonderful thinker with brains,” says Brook B., “She can disagree with her guy, but she isn’t argumentative. Men like her reasoning and are attracted to her brains.”

Statistics show that alpha women tend to have these jobs: they are writers, professors, researchers, public speakers, managers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, business owners, investors and artists. They have their independent thinking.

Instead of saying “me too” for one thousand times and “yes, I agree” for two thousand times, alpha women say, “Actually, I think …”

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• An alpha woman understands that closed mouths don’t get fed.

If you are dating a woman who is walking on eggshells, that means she doesn’t want to offend you. That can be good news, but it also indicates her lack of confidence.

As I see it, a beta woman tends to walk on eggshells because her belief system tells her that if she ruins this relationship with this guy, she can’t get a good guy in the future.

By contrast, alpha women on rich women dating apps behave differently. An alpha woman knows that a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. That is to say, she will ask for what she deserves unapologetically. 

When an alpha woman attends a job interview, she isn’t thinking, “How can I get the minimum wage and survive?” Instead, she is thinking, “How can I get the maximum wage and thrive?”

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During a job interview, a beta woman thinks, “How can I impress the employer so that I can have a job?” In contrast, an alpha woman thinks, “If they don’t hire me, that will be their loss and I genuinely believe this.”

An alpha woman knows that she is a high-value lady who can add true value to an organization, so she turns the tables during the job interview. Interestingly, the employer is more eager to hire the alpha woman rather than the beta woman most of the time because the employer wants to work with someone who doesn’t so badly want to work with them.

In terms of dating and relationships, an alpha woman from the rich women dating app doesn’t hide her desire. She is a normal woman with a normal libido, so she wants to get laid, and there is nothing wrong with that.

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While a beta woman pushes men away in order to not look like a slut, an alpha woman is happy to enjoy dirty jokes with a guy she is dating. She doesn’t mind being the naughty girl in the bedroom. Life is short, so the alpha woman makes every day count.

Whilst a beta woman smiles throughout the date in order to impress the guy, an alpha woman from the rich woman dating app smiles like the beautiful sunshine in Florida at the right moment, which makes her big smile even more meaningful.

A beta woman talks about herself a lot on a date, whereas an alpha woman lets the guy talk more. She is happy to listen to him and find out what makes his heart melt. Then she takes action accordingly.

• An alpha woman turns personal tragedy or misfortune to her advantage.

As Ryan Holiday once said, “Li fe speeds on the bold and favors the brave.” That’s absolutely true.

Yolanda N. is a typical alpha woman who was in poor health when she was young. She has had multiple surgeries in her breasts. The doctor removed many benign tumors from her breasts. That was a traumatic experience in her life. Those surgeries all happened before she turned 21 years old.

Because every guy that Yolanda dated minded that problem, dating was hard for Yolanda. A few years later, she married a guy who didn’t mind her medical condition – that guy had a child from his previous marriage, so he didn’t care whether Yolanda’s health is ideal for giving birth to kids.

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As that marriage was based on convenience rather than love, it only lasted for five years. Then Yolanda filed for divorce. She knew that her ex-husband isn’t the right person. And he agrees with her fundamentally; he just didn’t want to leave her because he is very practical. However, Yolanda is a smart cookie, so she dumped him by taking legal action.

After Yolanda received the divorce certificate, she joined a rich women dating app where she can meet alpha men. According to Yolanda N, women on rich women dating apps are generally looking for two types of men:

1) Men who are equally rich (or richer)

2) Men who are younger and hotter

Wealthy women looking to meet men who are equally rich just don’t want to be taken advantage of. Maybe these women are still interested in marrying up, so they want to marry wealthier men, and I don’t blame them.

As to women looking to meet men who are younger and hotter, I think they are just looking for male sugar babies (AKA toy boys), and that’s okay!

Statistics show that very few married people are happy. Only about 17% of married people are actually happy. Sad but true.

Voice of America(VOA) did a survey in 2004 and the finding indicates that single women live longer than married women &married men live longer than single men. No wonder ladies on rich women dating apps aren’t very keen to find marriage partners. They are more interested in finding satisfying arrangements or mutually beneficial relationships.

Alpha women on rich women dating apps rock!
December 19 2019