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FWB dating app: Why Friends with Benefits (FWB) is the best relationship
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FWB dating app: Why Friends with Benefits (FWB) is the best relationship

British dating coach Richard la Ruina famously said, “Women want to have male friends. Having a male friend is just like having a boyfriend minus the stress.” That’s absolutely true. In fact, I would argue that smart women want to have male friends, whereas women with mediocre IQ probably don’t want to have male friends.

• Why intelligent women want male friends:

According to the research on an FWB dating app in 2019, women with high IQ tend to prefer having male friends & here is why: Switched-on women know that it’s always easier to interact with men because of the chemistry between men and women. That’s exactly why doing high-leverage activities with men is beneficial for them.

“All of my important business partners are men,” says Claire F., a female member of the FWB dating app, “Yes, I also do business with women, but all of my VIP clients are men. Honestly, women only hire me to solve their personal problems, whereas men hire me to solve their personal problems AND their professional problems. Because I am a digital marketer, many men have hired me to work for their internet businesses. Frankly, we still live in a patriarchy in which men run the majority of successful online businesses. This is just the unpleasant realism.”

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Claire claims that joining the FWB dating app is therapeutic, helpful and relaxing. She says interacting with women is harder for her due to the following reasons:

1) Because Claire is a very attractive woman, most women are jealous of her attractiveness. Therefore, most women don’t want to be her friends. “I had some female friends in the past, but to be honest, those women secretly hated me,” says Claire F., “That’s why I don’t want to have female friends now. As I see it, female friendships are vulnerable.”

2) Claire points out that most western women feel offended easily and can’t take criticism well. She didn’t even know her previous best female friend’s age because that friend didn’t want to tell her, although they were very close friends. Claire says she has to be very careful when she interacts with women as most western women feel offended really easily. As a consequence, interacting with women is exhausting. “In fact, I can get along well with women if I have to because I studied communication skills at an advanced level,” says Claire F., “But I choose not to spend time with women. I’m just not a fan. I only have approximately 30,000 days in my lifetime. Why should I waste my time on people that I don’t even like?”

3) Claire doesn’t really have any interests that most women have, e.g. reading fashion magazines, going shopping, etc. – she finds those activities very boring and unmotivating. In contrast, Claire likes men’s activities, e.g. reading books on business and finance, watching thought-provoking movies, and so on.

Therefore, Claire doesn’t have any female friends anymore (she doesn’t want to have any female friends), and now she only has male friends who actually share the same hobbies with her. And they met each other through the FWB dating app.

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• Why mediocre women don’t want to have male friends:

When Claire had female friends, she asked those women why they didn’t want to have male friends. This is their typical answer: “I don’t want to have male friends because hanging out with men is not fun. I only hang out with a guy if he is my boyfriend.”

Claire argues that this opinion indicates lack of sophistication and wisdom – if a woman limits her interactions with men to her communication with her romantic partner only, then she can’t broaden her horizon effectively. In Claire’s opinion, in order to expand a woman’s outlook, the woman must explore the beauty of spending time with interesting men who may or may not become her romantic partners because realistically, we still live in a patriarchy in which men have access to more resources in the world. That’s just the uncomfortable truth.

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• Why Claire loves the FWB dating app:

Claire indicates that FWB dating apps are the best because of the following factors:

1) Marriage is not for everyone. Although mainstream culture tells women to get married and have kids, it’s not really for every woman. Claire never wants to get married and she never will. “Marriage is the hardest job in the world,” says Claire F., “No, thanks. It’s not for me.”

2) Compared to hookup/one-night stand dating apps, FWB dating apps are all about building genuinefriendships with people. Claire implies that having a meaningful friendship with a guy which involves intimacy is the right thing for her to do. “It makes me energized and happy,” says Claire, “I don’t want to get married and have kids because I don’t like those responsibilities. I like having a fancy dinner, but I don’t like doing the dishes afterwards. Similarly, I like the intimacy and connection with a man, but I don’t like pregnancy, taking care of kids and maintaining a marriage. I dislike any kind of maintenance work. I don’t even have a dog!”

3) Claire has met many high-value men through the app. Most of these men are business owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs. “The majority of successful men don’t want to settle down easily anyway, so they choose to have female friends with benefits, and that philosophy works for me,” says Claire F., “I have learned a lot from these men because they are just like my mentors. I enjoy having intelligent conversations with them. Talking to men is so interesting, stimulating and eye-opening.” Claire says she has also met some artists on the app & those guys are the best!

4) Claire is able to have multiple male friends through the app. “If I am in a committed relationship, that would definitely limit my social circle,” says Claire F., “I don’t want to restrict my life. I want freedom. I think it’s very important to experience the beauty that the world has to offer because life is short, right?” Therefore, Claire has many male friends that she met via this FWB dating app. Claire maintains that this worldview has allowed her to enjoy men on many different levels. Women who don’t join FWB dating apps probably wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful men.

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• Why men love FWB dating apps:

Research shows that men love FWB dating apps because:

1) Women on this type of apps are open-minded, curious and relaxed. These women are ready to explore the excitement and fun.

2) Men who value their careers wouldn’t get married early, but they still want to sleep with women. As a result, they choose this type of dating apps.

3) In this day and age, dating is harder for men because the mainstream culture is trying to separate men from women all the time – men aren’t allowed to approach women in the street anymore, so what should men do? They join dating apps.

Both men and women benefit from FWB relationships because they can get exactly what they want minus the stress
November 28 2019