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Make Flings Memorable: What I’ve learned on One-night Stand Dating Apps
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Make Flings Memorable: What I’ve learned on One-night Stand Dating Apps

I’m a mature woman in my 30s and I still have casual flings with men. Here is why: I don’t need long-term relationships because I don’t want kids and I am rich.

• How one-night stand dating apps beautify my love life:

Frankly, I had relationships with men before. I was married at a young age, so I understand how to interact with men. But I’ve decided that I don’t want to get married again, ever. It’s a conscious, logical and rational decision that I’ve already made based on my circumstances.

Honestly, I’m a wealthy woman. I was born in a relatively affluent family and I make my own money as well. Therefore, I don’t need to rely on a man financially. Of course, I don’t think most men can match me in terms of money anyway. In other words, the majority of men that I can meet in the local area aren’t as rich as I am.

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Since I’m not interested in becoming a sugar momma, I prefer casual dating, i.e. having casual flings regularly, because I still have a high libido.

What I’ve decided to do matches the current hookup culture so well – there are many one-night stand dating apps on the market.

Yes, if I do start another official relationship, I’d like to marry up, because I don’t want to be taken advantage of by poor, lazy and greedy men. A female friend of mine was used by a manipulative man because she was the dumb cougar in that relationship.

I joined several one-night stand dating apps last year and I’m still on these apps because they work really well. Please let me explain.

Most men that I’ve slept with in this hookup journey are actually quite interested in becoming friends with benefits with me. Just like Pete Campbell and Peggy Olson – they are friends, and they have some mutual benefits as well.

That means I’ve made some very cool friends in this process, which is something that I didn’t expect to happen. These friends have colored my life in incredible ways.

• I make each sexual encounter something to remember.

Because one day I might start another relationship, I will be 100 years old & my honey pot will be closed for business, I should accumulate more bankable assets in the sexual department now – when I still can.

So, one-night stand dating apps are handy nowadays. I can find a casual hookup at my fingertips.

I still remember when I was completely single and living a sexless life, I had to depend on a vibrator while thinking about my previous sexual experiences with men – I was getting by because of those bankable memories.

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Now thanks to one-night stand dating apps, I have access to countless young and hot men instantly. Life is really, truly good!

Because I have my own property, I don’t want these guys to know where I live. That’s why I only meet them in hotel rooms. Each time I choose a different hotel. Every hotel that I choose is elegant and upscale.

That’s how I create unforgettable and unique memories while using one-night stand dating apps.

Also, I always go to a different restaurant with each new guy that I meet online. This is a great way to explore infinite beauty and indulgence in life.

I’ve tried wonderful buffet breakfast in almost every hotel in town; I’ve enjoyed each and every type of coffee that’s available in this city; I’ve slept with various kinds of attractive, sexy and hot men.

In the future, if I decide to retire from this hookup lifestyle, I can still harness my sexy memories for masturbation in the long term. And I call that bankable assetswhich can be used again and again for further benefits. I may run out of romance, but I will never run out of hot memories.

• Safety is the No. 1 priority.

Of course, my No. 1 priority is safety. Thus, I always use condoms for casual hookups. I must ensure my safety. Furthermore, because the majority of these men become friends with benefits with me, I also would like to protect them.

I have realized that hooking up with someone that I already know is a bad idea because everyone’s social circle is limited. I don’t want to hook up with my neighbor, my co-worker, my boss or my cousin’s husband. Hence, it’s always better to hook up with new men via one-night stand dating apps – the risk is so much lower.

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At last, I understand why those people from Mad Men are so frustrated at times – they didn’t have access to the Internet in the 1960s, so they had to hook up with people they meet in real life, and that can be a problem. Joan Holloway hooks up with her boss Roger Sterling due to lack of options (read: that’s very sad).

Moreover, birth control pills were invented and introduced to the general public in 1960; consequently, Joan Holloway had two abortions because of her affair with Roger Sterling – In Season 1 of Mad Men, it was 1960 and she already has had a long-term affair with Roger Sterling at that time.

Nowadays we live in a very modern world where various types of contraceptive measures are easily available. As a result, I feel that I’m the luckiest woman in the world .

• Always try some interesting stuff.

When I have a casual fling, I always try something intriguing. If now I can’t do BDSM with a hot man that I’ve met via the one-night stand dating app, then when?

Surely, I trust my intuition. Whenever someone doesn’t look right or I don’t feel right, I just leave the venue immediately because intuition saves lives, according to the Australian author Zoe Foster Blake.

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Indeed, I’ve tried the blindfolded spanking, the aggressive encounter and the mindful intercourse. They are all fantastic. I have no regret in life.

Certainly, I’m always very clear about my intentions. I always tell each new guy that I’m looking for a casual fling only, and he is usually very happy to hear that because a lot of men looking for casual hookups are worried about how to dump women they’ve slept with.

And men don’t have this problem with me, which is indeed very good news.

I’ve also tried indulging in good food and intimacy at the same time. For instance, last week I took a lot of rum chocolates with me and went to a 5-star hotel with a very alluring man.

Sometimes I take cream, strawberries, ice cream and wine with me when I hook up with a good-looking guy via the one-night stand dating app.

I’m a huge fan of Jade Seashell’s book A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure, so I’m pretty sure I’ve learned a thing or two from Jade Seashell, a wonderful Australian author and columnist.

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In her book, she talks about a woman’s exciting adventures with three different delicious-looking men. She introduced Japanese coffee and dark chocolate into the bedroom - that idea was planted in my head three years ago when I read her book.

I’ve implemented some of Jade Seashell’s good ideas and I thoroughly enjoy my love life right now. Thanks to one-night stand dating apps, having access to hot men is so easy as well.

Although I’ve mentioned that I like good wine, I don’t get drunk when I’m having a one-night stand, because:

1) If I get drunk, I wouldn’t remember the good time in bed.

2) If I get drunk, I wouldn’t be able to make wise decisions.

3) I don’t think it’s safe to sleep with a stranger when I’m drunk.

4) I like the taste of wine and I like how wine makes me feel (very relaxed), but I don’t like the repercussions brought by too much wine – it gives me anxiety and insomnia in general.

Therefore, I don’t recommend getting drunk while hooking up with random men. I highly encourage you to join a one-night stand dating app and explore all the possibilities in your love life, but please don’t overuse alcohol.


Note that not every woman can handle one-night stands because some women want a casual fling as they just need human connection. Some women want a one-night stand only because they feel pressured or want to feel loved – those are wrong motives.

If you are a woman looking for casual encounters just because you crave revenge or something like that, don’t do it. No one-night stand dating app will make you happy if that’s your motive.

By contrast, if you are a woman looking for casual hookups because you are really up to this, then go for it . Why not enjoy something that can make you happy and give you more physical pleasure as well as mental fun?

By the way, if you don’t want friends with benefits with anyone and you only want a one-night stand, you have to plan an exit strategy. For instance, if a guy asks you to have breakfast with him, you can say, “My dad asks me to see him at the airport at 9am in the morning, so I can’t have breakfast with you. Sorry about that.” And then you can just leave.

October 31 2019