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Basic Dating Principles of Experts from the Best Dating App 2019
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Basic Dating Principles of Experts from the Best Dating App 2019

Everyone has some fundamental relationship principles , although not everybody is aware of their own principles. The fact that you’re reading this article means you are interested in getting more clarity in your love life, so let’s get started.

• “I love you, but I love me more.”

This famous line is from Samantha Jones, the formidable and sassy woman in S*x and the City – the most popular HBO show on TV. When Kim Cattrall was interviewed by a TV show host a while ago, that host asked her to say that line again. Obviously, what Samantha Jones said was so impressive and many women resonate with that.

That is to say, the best individual to love you is you. Interestingly, author Zoe Foster Blake agrees with me in this regard.

You are the only person who will be with you forever. Friends come and go; lovers move on; your parents won’t be with you for the rest of your life – these are all predictable things in life. Thus, you would be well-advised to realize that you must love yourself unconditionally so that you can live a happy life, according to the dating expert from the best dating app in 2019.

If you need to work on self-love, you may want to read Gala Darling’s Radical Self-love (published by Hay House) which is about how to truly love yourself no matter what. That’s exactly how you build core confidence.

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• “You don’t get what you deserve; you only get what you negotiate.”

Negotiation should be a lifestyle, if you decide to be a winner in life. We are always negotiating and selling – when we are arguing with our parents, we are trying to sell our ideas to them. When we attend job interviews, we are selling ourselves. When we are on a date, we are buying and selling at the same time.

According to Steve Hussey (co-founder of Get the Guy), dating is the only situation in which two people are buying and selling at the same time. And dating experts from the best dating apps 2019 agree with him 100%.

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Apart from that, Jade Seashell, author of A Seductress’ Confession , points out that you only get what you expect in dating and relationships. In other words, when you believe that you are worthy of true love, you’ll be open to receiving it. You will allow true love to happen organically in front of you.

Indeed, when you don’t believe that you deserve true love, you won’t attract true love in the first place. That’s why knowing your self-worth and working on your mindset are very important tasks in your life.

Also, dating experts from the best dating apps 2019 claim that in life, you don’t get what you want; you only get who you are. More exactly, everything that’s happening in your life is teaching you who you really are, because the universe only gives you things that match your vibration frequency. So, your energy is key.

• “Let men do the chase.”

I know this is the 21st century when women are more empowered than ever. However, men who expect women to do the chase are weak and blue-pilled. I met an older man who told me a story about how a woman proposed to her boyfriend and he highly praised her for that. Then I realized that this older man has been single for one decade – he can’t chase women and he doesn’t want to invest in dating services. That’s why he is not on any best dating apps in 2019.

In contrast, a strong, red-pilled man wants to chase women because he is confident and he feels energized when he is chasing women. The dynamics should be best characterized by one person discovering the treasure and one person being the treasure. Then both individuals will find satisfaction and mutual benefits .

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Remember: this isn’t about going backwards or sexism. Honestly, this is how men and women are biologically programmed – our natural instinct works in this way.

When we work with our natural instinct, our love lives become easier. However, when we work against our primal instinct, our love lives become more difficult.

• “Only actions and results matter; words don’t even matter.”

In dating and relationships, many people are charmed by sweet talkers who are good at doing pillar talk. But that’s very dangerous.

Note that in love, only actions matter. You can assess whether someone is worth your time based on the results they’ve brought to your love life. Never invest in someone who only knows how to talk.

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If we all believe in words, then copywriters won’t need to work hard anymore. Since salespeople have to work very hard, clearly, words aren’t really that convincing and powerful.

Dating consultants from the best dating apps 2019 suggest that people should evaluate actions and results rather than words. Sadly, lots of women spend many hours with their female friends analyzing “what he says” and “what does that mean”, which is just a waste of time. If he makes you unhappy because of his actions, you already know the result and you have the answer you need (but the answer you need isn’t necessarily the answer you want to hear).

• “The prerequisite of high self-esteem is high self-worth.”

A person with high self-worth believes that he/she deserves to be here and happy. More specifically, this individual expects to be happy and be treated right in love.

With this kind of expectations, this person certainly has high self-esteem, meaning he/she is proud of who he/she is and what he/she does in love and in life .

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Apparently, you must have high self-worth before you have high self-esteem. But you don’t necessarily have to have high self-esteem in order to have high self-worth. 

I know some people who are proud of themselves (high self-esteem), but they don’t expect great things to happen in their love lives, so they stay single for a very long time.

And that’s very common. More common than you think.

Dating coaches from the best dating apps 2019 contend that it is your responsibility to teach people how to treat you. If you treat yourself with love, kindness and respect, so will others. A female friend of mine only buys designer clothes for herself, so all of her lovers only buy her expensive gifts – they think that’s the only way to treat her right in this regard.

• “Always set clear boundaries in dating when it is necessary.”

Whenever you feel upset or confused, that is a signal which tells you a boundary is required. So, now it’s the time to learn how to set clear boundaries.

We need boundaries in dating and marriage as well. Boundaries are not just about friendships or professional relationships. As a matter of fact, it’s usually easier to set clear boundaries with your friends and colleagues because those relationships are less intimate. But it’s oftentimes much harder to set clear boundaries with your romantic partners because this is an intimate relationship .

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Relationship advisors from the best dating app 2019 indicate that different people have different boundaries in their love lives, and that’s okay. Let’s have a look at some typical boundaries in love:

1) Jasmine doesn’t drink alcohol for health reasons. Whenever her boyfriend asks her to drink wine in order to entertain his friends, she says no.

2) Linda doesn’t lend money. Whenever her boyfriend asks her if he can borrow her money, she says no.

3) Richard doesn’t stay up late at night because he wants to be productive during the daytime. Whenever his girlfriend asks him to go out with her after 11pm, he says no.

Of course, we are supposed to say no in a polite and elegant way rather than in a rude way. As cultured individuals, we should be civil so that our boundaries can be easily accepted by other people.

Ideally, you would be well-advised to set boundaries with your partner at the beginning of your relationship. The boundaries have to be very clear, crystal clear.

When your boundaries are rock-solid, you can’t be bullied into things that you don’t even want to do. That is the truth.

• “Men only stay friends with women that they think they might have some romance with.”

Generally speaking, women are more likely to have male friends that they don’t fantasize about. But it’s harder for men to do so.

In reality, women’s libido is usually lower than men’s when they are not specifically stimulated or aroused (men can be aroused much faster). Hence, women can have male friends without having any romantic thoughts.

But men generally can’t do that. Men normally only stay friends with ladies that they think they may have romantic encounters with, based on a major study conducted by the team of the best dating app 2019.

October 25 2019