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What kind of women are desirable on elite dating apps?
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What kind of women are desirable on elite dating apps?

Different men have different tastes, but there are some general principles when it comes to choosing women on elite dating apps. Let’s find them out!

• Feminine women are always the most sought-after candidates .

No, you don’t necessarily have to look like Betty Draper in order to get married. As a matter of fact, Betty Draper isn’t the ideal candidate as a wife because her personality isn’t very attractive, although she looks perfect.

When we are talking about femininity, we refer to feminine qualities, e.g. the way you look, the way you dress up, the way you carry yourself and the way you approach things.

A case in point is your dress code. Based on recent research on an elite dating app, women who wear feminine clothes get more attention from men. Some popular fashion brands among feminine women are Kate Spade, Zimmermann, Aje, Camilla & Marc and Dangerfield.

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In terms of accessories, the major study conducted by the elite dating app shows that diamonds and pearls are the most feminine jewelry for women – they are not only elegant, but also upscale.

Note that elegant and feminine women don’t wear heavy makeup; they actually prefer natural makeup, e.g. beige eye shadow and pink lipstick. That is also known as nude makeup.

Speaking of a feminine personality, a feminine woman is usually nurturing, loving and caring. She is radiant and she wants to look after people around her. She fills her own cup first so she has the energy to take care of others.

Many feminine women on the elite dating app are teachers, nurses, product managers and account managers. Some of them are models, actresses and beauty queens.

• Formidable and sassy women are also very desirable.

Interestingly, men on the elite dating app claim that they find sassy and formidable women very attractive as well, as evidenced by the fact that sassy women receive significantly more messages from men on the app.

You don’t necessarily have to become Joan Holloway in order to look like a formidable or sassy woman. In actuality, you can show your formidable side by wearing a red lip color or a statement necklace.

Please note that you shouldn’t be a completely formidable woman that only inspires fear because that’s one-dimensional. In fact, you would be well-advised to be multi-dimensional, i.e. yes, you demonstrate your bold side; meanwhile, you also wear a cute scarf to show your sweet side (even Joan Holloway says men like women who wear scarves).

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• Items that elegant women should never wear:

First of all, elegant ladies never wear bandage dresses. I know that body-con dresses are more gorgeous because they can emphasize your hour-glass body. But it doesn’t mean dresses that are too tight are okay. Honestly, bandage dresses make everything on display and they look cheap.

In the second place, the study conducted by the elite dating app suggests that elegant women never wear too much leather, i.e. a leather jacket, a pair of leather pants and leather shoes – that’s just too much. Perhaps only a pair of leather shoes or a leather belt will be enough.

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Thirdly, experts point out that elegant girls never wear fish-net stockings – that is too suggestive. Also, when a woman wears a platform shoes with very high heels, she doesn’t look elegant either because that only reminds men of exotic dancers rather than elegant ladies with refined taste.

Last but not least, dating experts from the elite dating app argue that elegant women never wear heavy makeup because men with cultured taste don’t prefer women wearing heavy makeup – they are turned off by that. Remember: men like makeup; they just don’t know it. Having said that, it doesn’t mean men want to see women wearing very heavy makeup. Actually, men generally prefer women wearing natural makeup because a natural look seems to be more approachable.

• What does a jet-set babe mean?

Recently, a growing number of women on elite dating apps are looking to become jet-set babes, according to their behavior on these platforms.

Then, what does a jet-set babe even mean?

Well, that’s a great question because this term “jet-set babe” has become a popular keyword on Google these days.

Basically, a jet-set babe is a woman who looks pretty, dates rich men and travels around the world because she is spoilt by wealthy men.

Usually, there is a difference between a jet-set babe and a sugar baby . Technically, a jet-set babe isn’t just dating one rich guy in one location. A jet-set girl usually travels with a rich guy at a time to attend upper-class activities overseas, and then she might date another rich guy who takes her to another jet-set location for fancy parties. In contrast, a sugar baby is probably in a long-term relationship (read: arrangement) with a sugar daddy – they don’t necessarily travel together.

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Anna Bey, an ambitious woman who teaches women how to become jet-set girls, contends that being an elegant woman and attracting wealthy men should be the main goal of switched-on ladies these days, because that is about using a woman’s advantage to her advantage (no tongue-twister intended).

That’s why Anna Bey has a very popular YouTube channel teaching women knowledge and skills regarding how to dress like an elegant, upper-class woman, how to attract rich men and how to ask for gifts from rich guys.

Anna Bey also has an online finishing school called School of Affluence where she teaches women how to become jet-set girls by dressing up in the right ways and dating wealthy guys. She is often hanging out on Instagram

Statistics offered by the elite dating app indicate that more and more young women are interested in Anna Bey’s teachings, although her English isn’t perfect. Clearly, women feel more empowered when they know that they can still maximize their beauty and get what they want in life.

According to Anna Bey, most jet-set babes retire when they are 35 years old because every woman has a biological clock, meaning once you are above 35, you probably shouldn’t indulge in the jet-set lifestyle anymore as you’ll have to focus on settling down and having children. That’s fair enough.

But it doesn’t mean mature women are too old for the jet-set lifestyle. As a matter of fact, a lot of older women are also joining School of Affluence and have become elegant women as a result.

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• What kind of men are dating jet-set girls?

Based on the research conducted by the elite dating app, men who are dating jet-set girls are usually CEOs, entrepreneurs, business owners, doctors and lawyers. Some of them are just as handsome and capable as Don Draper.

An interesting point is many men label themselves as “entrepreneurs” in order to get girls because nowadays many women associate “entrepreneurship” with money (which is obviously a mistake).

In reality, most businesses fail. The failure rate of businesses is much higher than the failure rate of marriages. Therefore, a lot of “entrepreneurs” are jobless losers in fact, according to The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck (book by Mark Manson).

I know some fake entrepreneurs are dating hot women because these women haven’t figured it out yet. But usually, switched-on women can figure it out pretty soon, so they will figure out an exit strategy quickly. Usually, when a smart woman is used by a loser, she will take ten times back after staying in the relationship for a while and then dump him in record time.

Those who can keep jet-set girls in the long term are usually truly wealthy men such as successful CEOs, business owners and investors. Think Roger Sterling – he is not young, but he can always go to bed with young and sexy women if he wants to because he is actually rich and successful.

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Some members on the elite dating app ask us whether rich guys would marry jet-set girls. Well, it all depends – that’s our honest answer .

The truth is not every jet-set babe wants to marry their sponsor. In actuality, some jet-set girls have real boyfriends while dating sponsors in the jet-set lifestyle. In this case, they probably wouldn’t want to marry their sponsors anyway – this is especially true when they know their sponsors are married men.

Indeed, a lot of sponsors are married men because most rich men aren’t single anyway. However, the goal of most jet-set babes isn’t marrying a sponsor. Because these women are realistic, they know they should only get what they can when they are still young and hot, and then they will move on.

Usually, an intelligent set-set girl on the elite dating app would date sponsors for a while so that their sponsors can become their mentors who teach them things, introduce powerful connections to them and give them access to better circumstances. In other words, successful jet-set girls are clever, hardworking and down-to-earth .

Once they’ve got the resources they need, they are happy to build their own careers later.

October 18 2019