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The Sexual Market Value of Divorcéeson the Best Free Dating App
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The Sexual Market Value of Divorcéeson the Best Free Dating App

The best free dating apps are usually not 100% free dating apps because these platforms are for the elite who are willing to pay for online dating. Statistics show that a large number of divorcées are joining the elite group.

• A person’s sexual market value (SMV) is subjective and contextual.

There is a difference between objective value and perceived value. In reality, nothing is completely objective because we are all looking at everyone through our own filter, i.e. our previous experiences and worldview. 

For example, Lulu is a Korean woman on the best free dating app. She told me that whenever she meets someone new in western countries, that person can only remember that she is an Asian woman (that’s all). Usually, the first impression is also the last impression in superficial relationships.

Therefore, acquaintances oftentimes think that Lulu is good at Math, very analytical and quite boring. But in fact, Lulu is the opposite – she is not very good at Math; she is extremely good at languages and art. Yes, she can be analytical if she wants to, but most of the time, she is incredibly artistic and creative. Most importantly, she is probably the most interesting woman in the world.

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When Lulu joined the best free dating app, she bought a premium membership in order to maximize her chance of getting a great guy. Therefore, this app became an elite dating app for her – premium members generally meet each other faster.

By the way, Lulu is a divorcée who got a divorce several years ago. She left her ex-husband who was mean and stupid. But because Lulu is a smart cookie who knows how to use everything and anything to her advantage, her first marriage and the divorce actually made her a better person – her circumstances completely changed because of that experience.

Before Lulu got married in her 20s, she was lonely and desperate. It wasn’t easy for her to land a great man as she didn’t have enough local connections and wasn’t the most attractive woman in her age group.

Yet Lulu knew her advantage: she was young, so if she could get a guy who is older than her, that older guy would value her youth, even though she isn’t the hottest lady he has ever had.

So, Lulu hired a reliable marriage agency and met her ex-husband who is 8 years older than her. They got married within a few months.

After their wedding, her ex-husband moved to London for business, so he took her there. To be more exact, her ex-husband wasn’t a successful guy, but he comes from a relatively wealthy family and has good local connections who could introduce them to a jet-set place such as London. That is to say, her husband used his connections and Lulu’s language skills to move to London in order to look for business opportunities.

After moving to London, Lulu went to university for an advanced degree – she basically made her ex-husband pay her tuition fees because she gave him a lot of money when he was down and out, which is fair enough.

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Because Lulu’s ex-husband was too greedy, he was conning Lulu’s family for more money. As Lulu realized that she and her family got played, she found an exit strategy, i.e. once she got her degree, she would divorce him as soon as possible.

Hence, Lulu got a divorce successfully and settled down in London. Without her help, her ex-husband couldn’t live in London anymore. But clearly, without her ex-husband’s resources, she probably wouldn’t be in London anyway. Thus, it was actually very fair.

We all know that most Asian women are slim and youthful. As a result, Lulu becomes a hot girl in London where many women are overweight and less attractive. I do apologize if this isn’t the most politically correct thing to say, but I figured this out by reading Roosh V’s blogs as well as analyzing my own observation.

Just like that, Lulu changed her perceived value because the context has been changed. She was an ugly duckling in South Korea, but now she is a hot babe in London, one of the best jet-set locations in the world.

• A divorcée’s reality on the best free dating app:

I remember a famous author once said, “Perception is reality.” Although I don’t agree with that statement 100%, I would say that in most situations, perception is reality. To be more exact, perception is so powerful that it oftentimes becomes reality.

Since Lulu has changed her context dramatically, her sexual market value has changed as well. Many years ago, Lulu joined a trusty marriage agency because smart phones weren’t common at that time (there wasn’t any elite dating apps then). But now she can easily access many completely free dating apps at her fingertips.

Indeed, Lulu’s luck has been very good on 100% free dating apps. That being said, her favorite dating app is an elite dating app because she can easily meet many high-value men on this platform.

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Don’t forget that many East Asian women are very hypergamous. For example, Lulu is a Korean woman from South Korea. When she figured out that her ex-husband was hopeless, she left that loser immediately. Their marriage only lasted for a few years.

Then Lulu joined the best free dating app and has been dating very successful men regularly. Her love life is very colorful, wonderful and beautiful.

Another important element in the dynamics is that Lulu has become more experienced, sophisticated and worldly after those experiences in her life. Therefore, now Lulu understands human dynamics and interpersonal relationships very well. That’s why she can get whatever she wants on the best free dating app easily.

• What kind of women are more marriageable?

According to a recent study conducted by Brilic dating app, women who are between 35 and 45 are actually very marriageable because most of them have had long-term relationships or marriages in the past – they understand how to live with men in the long run.

Also, women between 35 and 45 still look gorgeous if they know how to maintain their beauty and maximize their attractiveness. Better still, women in this age group usually have more money than younger women, so they can afford to buy better skin-care products, makeup, clothes and accessories. As a result, their perceived beauty is better.

In contrast, younger women who lack experience with men or who don’t have realistic expectations tend to be less marriageable. In other words, age isn’t as important as what we normally assume. A woman’s experience, education and personality are much more paramount in this case.

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For instance, Anna is a divorcée from London (she is Lulu’s best friend). Anna is 35 years old, so she is the youngest woman in the most marriageable age group in the study which was conducted by the best free dating app. And she is mature enough to understand how to interact with men in the right ways.

“My favorite TV show is Mad Men which taught me a lot about male psychology, workplace dynamics as well as beauty and fashion,” says Anna, “Although that TV show was about a story in the 60s, human nature doesn’t change. Because it’s very well-known, many men on the best free dating app have watched that TV show. On the first date with a new guy, I often ask him about his understanding of the show, which is usually very interesting because his interpretation tells me a lot about this guy.”

Anna says that her favorite character on Mad Men is Joan – a strong, hot and resilient woman who knows how to get what she wants with every tool she has, including her attractiveness. Anna became Lulu’s best friend because both of them are a bit like Joan from Mad Men .

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As a matter of fact, Lulu introduced the best free dating app to Anna, so both of them are premium members on this platform.

“I prefer a free dating app with a premium membership subscription because this type of dating apps usually have more eligible men that I can date,” says Anna, “I don’t like 100% free dating apps where bottom-feeders congregate – those men can’t even afford to pay for online dating. Or maybe they are unwilling to invest in their own love lives, so I don’t think they are happy to spoil their women in the future, if they can get women.”

Yes, Anna has a very good point. The best free dating apps should have at least one premium feature or a premium membership option. Otherwise, the platform would be filled with low-value candidates that you don’t even want to meet in the first place.

“I know an older guy who has been single for nearly 10 years. Further analysis reveals that he is unwilling to pay for dating services and he doesn’t have the dating skills to get girls, so of course he is single. And I think he will probably be single forever unless a desperate woman happens to run into him because of luck.”

October 03 2019