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How a random email from a trusted dating app changed my life forever
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How a random email from a trusted dating app changed my life forever

Two years ago, I was alone and lonely. I was looking for a partner to beautify my love life . But because I didn’t know a lot of people in this city, it was very difficult for me to meet anyone suitable…until I received a random email from a trusted dating app in July 2017.

• I didn’t know opening a random email is a life-changing experience.

I received an email in my “Promotion” Inbox of Gmail on 10th July, 2017. Usually, I would ignore all emails in that folder, but since I was looking for a partner who could help me to end my loneliness, I actually opened that email which was about a trusted dating app.

I read that email carefully and joined the free dating app. Because I was serious when it comes to dating and relationships, I invested in a premium membership within one week.

Yes, I know not all popular dating apps are good. I had certainly invested in some well-known dating apps and nothing happened for me. I could have blamed others, but this is how I see the situation:

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If it’s done right, it’s supposed to go wrong most of the time. In fact, nine times out of ten, if things can go wrong, they will go wrong, according to Mark Manson, author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life.

That’s because in order to get anything good, certain risk is involved. Normally, you can only get the trump card after getting a bunch of shitty cards.

In July 2017, I left some shitty situations caused by online dating. But I didn’t give it up, so I still joined that trusted dating app which literally changed my life permanently.

• I met the love of my life.

This trusted dating app introduced two candidates to me. The first candidate was a young man with a decent job. He has his own apartment in a respected area of the city. Things looked perfect on surface level. However, on the first date, both of us knew that there was no chemistry between us.

There was no second date with that young guy.

Then this trusted dating app introduced the second candidate to me. This guy is an older guy (8 years older than me) with a daughter. He was divorced and was looking for a partner then. As a single dad, his sexual market value was actually quite high because he is a professional investor with a good income. And his daughter was only 3 years old at that time.

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This older guy is good-looking and charismatic. His conversational skills are outstanding. More importantly, the chemistry between us has a capital C.

I never wanted to have my own children anyway, and this had been a deal breaker in my previous relationships with men. Yet this older guy already has a daughter, so he doesn’t care if I want my own kids or not. As a matter of fact, because I don’t want my own children, life is easier for him. He feels satisfied with one child. And he loves his daughter.

• We got married within 3 months.

After meeting each other via that trusted dating app in July 2017, this older guy and I got married within three months. I know this sounds too fast, but it’s the right time frame, according to dating expert Ginie Sayles, author of How to Marry the Rich.

Ms Sayles says that if a relationship lasts for a very long time without any plans for marriage, then this relationship is probably not going to lead to a marriage. Actually, Ginie Sayles married her rich husband three months after she met him.

That means I left that trusted dating app within a few weeks. Basically, I terminated my premium membership on that trusty dating app after I started an official relationship with this older guy.

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• He is a very sought-after candidate.

He wasn’t an active member on that trusted dating app after meeting me, but the dating app kept sending him eligible women because his sexual market value is pretty high & there are many desperate single women out there.

Of course, he didn’t see other women after starting an official relationship with me. And please let me explain how I made this relationship exclusive.

One month after I met him, I said this to him, “Now other men are asking me out, and I don’t know what to say to these men. Should I go out and date them?”

He said to me, “No, you shouldn’t see other guys now because you and I are in a serious relationship.”

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I think what I said to him totally worked really well because it was a very polite and effective way to make him commit to me. I was thrilled.

That also made me understand that he wasn’t looking to date other women at the same time, so he is a reliable, trustworthy and responsible guy that I can marry.

• Why single dads have high sexual market value on trusted dating apps:

In general, single dads have higher sexual market value than single moms, according to a study in the United States in 2018. Further examination reveals that single moms are more likely to spend more time with their kids, whereas single dads tend to prioritise their relationships.

Based on a speech presented at 21 Convention, the majority of men would think twice if they are about to date a single mom. However, as long as a single dad has decent status and wealth, women wouldn’t need to think too much before dating him.

In other words, women care more about their children in general, so when a single mom starts a relationship with a new guy, her No. 1 priority is still her kids.

I know this isn’t the prettiest topic in the world and it’s certainly not the most politically correct thing to say, but that’s just the research findings that I’ve seen so far.

• How this trusted dating app changed my life forever:

Like I said earlier, opening a random marketing email from a trusted dating app helped me to meet my husband. Now we are happily married.

Better still, my husband invested in my business, so now I have a thriving business that is perfectly automated.

Previously, I had a 9-to-5 job that I didn’t really like. I was doing that job because of money. I never enjoyed it. As my husband knows me very well, he showed me a different way to look at my career.

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Instead of having a corporate job that I hate, I should start my own business. But I didn’t have the funds to get started in this regard. Therefore, my husband became the investor of my business. 

He did all the research, paid for my overhead, introduced his connections to me and helped me to build the right foundation for my business. I’m eternally grateful to him for everything he has done.

We all know that there are three elements in terms of success: hard work, intelligence and luck. As I see it, luck is determined by who you know and who knows you.

If I didn’t open that email from the trusted dating app, I wouldn’t know my husband. If I don’t know my husband, I wouldn’t have this thriving business that I can rely on financially.

Therefore, I created my own good luck by giving myself one more opportunity. I’ve met him, and he has become my good luck.

After starting my own business, I’ve realised that even my social circle has been upgraded automatically and organically. Since I don’t have a corporate job anymore, my previous friends gradually didn’t have much in common with me. And then I’ve met new friends through my business.

Some of my new friends are my clients; some of my new friends are fellow businesswomen. We all share the same interests and similar goals, so we have a lot in common.

Now my life looks completely different: a brand-new career in an industry that I like (I sell flowers online), a high-value social circle full of people I admire (most of my current friends are CEOs, entrepreneurs and high-end customers) & most importantly, a satisfying and romantic marriage with my loving husband who absolutely adores me.

Hence, I highly encourage you to take a risk when you are not sure. Every high achiever is a risk-taker because achieving anything great requires taking risks.

If you are in doubt or you feel lonely, it’s time to take a risk and see what happens by joining a trusted dating app. This is always better than sitting back and wondering what could happen. I learned this philosophy from Australian politician Julie Bishop , and it deeply resonates with me.

September 26 2019