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Android dating apps Australia tell us the ugly truth
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Android dating apps Australia tell us the ugly truth

Developers of several Android dating apps Australia had a webinar with us yesterday, so we are here to report what we have learned !

• Rich people dating apps are thriving on Android in Australia.

Because Apple has very strict and unreasonable rules these days, free speech is absent on iTunes now. For instance, all rich people dating apps are removed by Apple. Fortunately, these wealthy people dating apps are available on Android, so you can still download them on Google Play Store.

There are different kinds of rich people dating apps, e.g. sugar daddy dating apps , sugar momma dating apps, wealthy dating apps, upscale dating apps and luxury dating apps. Of course, the most important category is millionaire dating apps.

Android dating apps Australia

In fact, the most popular Android dating apps in Australia are elite dating apps, i.e. rich people dating apps and sugar daddy dating apps. That’s because the cost of living is very high in Australia (everything is expensive in Australia) – many people want to date someone rich to alleviate their financial stress in life.

Also, there are many sugar daddies and sugar babies in Australia because Australians are very open-minded and less judgmental than most people in other western countries. Of course, Australia is a wealthy country, so there are a large number of legitimate sugar daddies in this country.

Although app developers claim that customers on iTunes are more likely to pay for dating apps, customers on Google Play Store have more freedom to download whatever they want.

• Hookup dating apps are very popular in Australia as well.

In Australia, this is how most people start their relationships: They go out at night and get drunk at parties. When they wake up with someone in bed the next morning, they start a relationship.

That means the hookup culture is not only for casual hookups, but also for those who are looking for serious relationships. I know this sounds a bit strange, but please let me explain.

There is no right way or wrong way to meet someone in Australia. The main way is to go out and get drunk at parties, and then you sleep with someone. If the night goes well, you have a partner.

Hookup dating apps

As a result, hookup dating apps are mainstream dating apps in Australia. They are the most popular Android dating apps in Australia.

In other English-speaking countries where people are more traditional, individuals looking for long-term commitments wouldn’t join hookup dating apps or try to find partners through having one-night stands.

But in Australia, these are all possible – people join one-night stand dating apps to look for long-term partners, go out to get drunk and wake up with a stranger who becomes a serious partner, and so on.

• The population growth in Australia depends on immigrants.

Because the population growth in Australia is pretty slow, this country needs more immigrants from other countries.

Indeed, when everyone knows they will be looked after by the government when they are old, people aren’t motivated to get married and have kids.

Also, the Australian law says parents must take care of their children, but adult children don’t need to take care of their aging parents.

That’s why the marriage rate in Australia is low and the divorce rate in Australia is high – people don’t depend on marriages anymore& children aren’t the retirement plan these days.

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This is also true in many other western countries in this day and age.

As a result, there are many immigrants in Australia, so when you join Android dating apps Australia, you will need to know whether you are talking to someone with a completely different cultural background.

Don’t assume that someone is in Australia, so their culture must be Australian.

A recent study on Android dating apps Australia points out that many daters on Android dating apps Australia are from Asian countries .

Because Australia is close to Asia, many Asian immigrants have moved to Australia.

It’s very common for people to try interracial dating and international dating in today’s day and age, but these non-mainstream dating options require different skills.

popular on dating apps

When you are in an interracial relationship, you must be more resilient because some people around you will judge you because of that. Maybe even your family can’t accept your spouse because that person is from a different race. Can you handle that?

When you are in an international relationship, you may even have to get a visa for your partner who is overseas currently. Then once you are married and your partner has got a visa, some people around you will say things like “he/she married you for a visa”. Can you deal with that? What if what they are saying is true?

These factors should be considered before joining Android dating app s Australia.

• A growing number of people on Android dating apps Australia are not looking to get married.

Several decades ago, women had to get married because at that time women didn’t go to university and find good jobs – for women, getting married was like a full-time job.

By contrast, in 2019, women can go to university and find decent jobs, so at present it’s becoming increasingly unnecessary for women to get married.

As a result, research shows that more and more women on Android dating apps Australia are not looking for husbands.

australian men in date app

How about men?

Well, the truth is a growing number of men on Android dating apps Australia are not looking for wives either. Instead, they are looking for arrangements on sugar baby dating apps.

Why does the mainstream culture push sugar baby dating apps? Well, that’s a long story.

Eric W., the developer of an Android dating app Australia claims that the establishment is trying to separate men from women. In other words, getting married is not something that is actually encouraged. When you watch Hollywood movies nowadays, you know all new movies tell you that people who enjoy casual dating are cool.

Therefore, when sugar daddy dating apps were invented, they became an instant hit on Android, meaning their revenue is real.

Then affiliate marketers of sugar daddy dating apps get a cut; writers of those websites’ blogs get a cut; business owners of sugar daddy dating apps get a cut. Everyone wins.

Of course, sugar daddies and sugar babies are able to have love lives on their own terms, so technically, they also get a cut in the process.

How many sugar daddies would marry their sugar babies? Very few. Most rich men only want to have arrangements with their sugar babies without any further investment or commitment. Thus, their arrangements must be confidential .

• Man-drought is serious in Australia.

According to the news, man-drought is real in Australia. There are many more women than men in this country right now because a lot of men went to Europe and America for career opportunities – resources in Australia are limited because it’s an island with a small population.

Which cities in Australia suffer from man-drought? Well, Sydney and Adelaide have the most obvious symptoms.

When I was in Sydney, I could see many hot girls who were dressed up like celebrities – they were trying to make eye contact with me because I looked like a successful guy.

millionaire dating apps

I know Sydney is a bit like New York City nowadays. Think those four lonely women from S*x and the City and you will understand why this is happening – people in big cities are lonely, even though there are lots of people everywhere. Those who live in big cities have less friends; many of them come from other cities, so their social network is absent; strangers rarely talk to each other.

Based on a survey on Android dating apps Australia, I figured out that Adelaide is another Australian city which suffers from man-drought. In Adelaide, men can get laid left, right and center. Dating is so easy for men in Adelaide because most local men with some ambition have left Adelaide when they were in their early 20s – they moved to big cities or overseas for better career/business opportunities. 

Consequently, local women in Adelaide don’t have enough men to date. A lot of ladies in Adelaide have joined Android dating apps Australia, but they are still trying really hard without finding any results because there aren’t enough men.

Even single dads in Adelaide are popular on dating apps and dating sites because at least they are normal guys.

When I logged in an Android dating app Australia and searched the database in Adelaide, I saw many disabled men in search results. 

Sam P. is the developer of an Android dating app in Australia. He says when he walks down the street in Adelaide, he can easily see men in their 60s or 70s dating women in their 30s or even 20s. This isn’t common in other places in Australia. And it’s probably less common in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. (We are not sure what the situation is like in New Zealand.)

September 19 2019