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Best free chat dating apps show you how to avoid dating losers
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Best free chat dating apps show you how to avoid dating losers

Dating losers is usually a nightmare. When I was immature in my 20s, I dated several losers because I didn’t love myself enough – I didn’t think I deserve someone high-value. Consequently, lack of love and respect for myself led to those failed relationships.

I’ve become friends with several MVPs from the best free chat dating apps in my 30s. Last month, we sat down in a café for a casual meeting and these dating experts shared something really cool with me. I can’t wait to share their insights with you now.

• When you meet a loser, it’s your responsibility to stop talking to them.

I’ve heard complaints such as, “Oh, that loser keeps sending me messages.” 

I was wondering, “Why can’t you block that loser so that he/she can’t harass you anymore?”

Remember: it is your responsibility to stop talking to a loser. It is not their job to stop contacting you. You have to make the decision to block someone online and delete someone’s phone number.

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Sofia D. is the director of the best free chat dating app in America. She told me that not everyone can identify a loser fast.

“Well, as a matter of fact, not everybody has the ability to identify a loser immediately,” says Sofia, “When I was in my early 20s, I dated many losers because I didn’t know what a winner looks like.”

Indeed, I was in a similar situation. I have never met a real winner until 2014. At that time, I was almost 30 years old.

The ugly truth is most people on the planet are average. Many of them are losers. This isn’t the nicest thing to say, but I’m not here to seek your approval.

• How to identify a loser quickly:

When someone is a loser, they don’t have a sign which says “I’m a loser” on their forehead. Hence, it is your job to figure it out .

Now I’m going to share some useful strategies with you so that you will never become a victim of dating losers.

First, if the best free chat dating app doesn’t have premium subscription options at all, chances are most people on this app are losers. That’s because people who are unwilling to pay for dating services are either poor or stingy (or both).

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In the second place, when someone sends you generic messages which can easily be copied and pasted, chances are that person is a loser. Well, clearly, a person without creativity and doesn’t even care about the information on your dating profile can’t be a winner.

Third, talk to that person on the phone and meet him/her in person for a date – you will find out whether he/she is a loser immediately. A bonus tip: ask that person to select the location of the first date. If they tell you to go to McDonald’s or KFC for the first date, you know you are probably talking to a loser.

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• Typical signs of a loser:

Note that most people aren’t good at hiding their true nature. If someone is actually a loser, you would know it in the first few weeks of dating that person. That means the red flags are obvious from the beginning, so it’s up to you when it comes to whether you have the courage to point those red flags out and leave.

Vicky S. is the manager of the best free chat dating app in the United Kingdom. She argues that there are a range of signs that a loser will show you if you pay attention to their behavior:

1. A loser focuses on negativity. When you ask a person, “How was your day?” on the first date, really listen to their answer. If they begin to complain about their boss or their job, you know that’s a negative person.

2. A loser argues with others for small things or sensitive topics. When you are chatting with someone on the best free chat dating app, you can deliberately test that person by talking about politics, race, religion, etc. Look at their reaction because that will tell you more about this person than a small talk will.

3. A loser doesn’t treat those who are less successful than them with respect. For instance, when you go out for a dinner date with someone, does he/she treat the waiter/waitress with respect? If he/she doesn’t, that must be a loser because a winner doesn’t derive confidence from bullying people who are less successful than them.

4. A loser spends lots of time online doing meaningless activities. The Internet is the best invention of human history, but not everyone is using the Internet in the right ways. For example, a typical loser would spend weeks being involved in online wars arguing with other netizens. Therefore, you can do a quick search online if you know the name of the person you are dating, and then you will probably see what they are up to on the Internet.

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• How to actually win like a winner:

Krystal L. is the spokesperson of the best free chat dating app. She says we can be actual winners if we know how.

Here is a list of ideas in terms of how to win like a real winner –

1. Become more resilient. The difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person is that the successful person is more resilient. In other words, it’s not about who has better circumstances/treatment in life; it’s about how you understand and interpret what happens in your life. Because successful people do more things in general, they are much more likely to face adversity. That’s why resilience is so key.

2. Appreciate literature, art and spirituality. Please note that these things look useless from certain perspective, but winners think these things are highly valuable. Modern science has found that psychology can only treat symptoms, whereas literature, art and spirituality can treat the root cause. No wonder watching TV shows is so therapeutic!

3. Say no unabashedly. When you feel confused, anxious or upset, that means you need to set boundaries as soon as possible. Just say no when your intuition tells you it’s a no. Marie Forleo once said , “If it’s not a heck yes, it’s a no.” That reminds me of my wedding ten years ago – at that time, my best friend who met my ex-husband for the first time told me that my ex-husband looked like an evil person, so she told me to be careful the day after my wedding. And it turns out that her intuition was right. I really appreciate her honesty – she was so selfless. By the way, ten years ago, she was married, but she had got a divorce before I got a divorce. (Well, sometimes people can’t see things clearly in their own lives, which is understandable.)

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4. Join the best free chat dating app and become a premium member who pays a membership fee. Yes, I know most free chat dating apps don’t require you to become premium member and buy subscriptions, but I have a point: When you are a free member, it’s harder to meet high-value winners on the app. However, when you are a premium member, usually the algorithm of the app will send high-value people to you. You get what you pay for.

5. Think big. Winners are big-picture people who focus on the big things in love, life and business. Yet losers focus on small things such as who’s said what gossip on the Internet. Change the way you think, and then you will become the ultimate winner. If you need some extra support, you may begin to read biographies about successful people so that you will become like-minded.

6. Derive confidence from various areas of your life. This is also called “diversity your identity”, meaning you shouldn’t rely on one area of your life to feel good. We have heard stories such as a guy committed suicide after he lost all his money (he derived all his confidence from his financial success). Don’t be that guy.

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7. Don’t limit your opportunities on the best free chat dating apps. In fact, my suggestion is you should also try offline dating because online dating isn’t the only way to meet someone hot. Yes, online dating is already mainstream nowadays, but it doesn’t mean you should give up on offline dating entirely. As a matter of fact, a lot of winners maximize their chance of success in their love lives by combining offline dating with online dating.

8. Understand that you are already very lucky. The fact that you are able to read this article means you are wealthier and better-educated than 95% of people in human history. When you feel depressed because your parents are frustrating, realize that one third of children grow up with one parent at home & 145 million children grow up without parents. Yes, winners cherish what they already have.

September 12 2019