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Why Global Daters Are Addicted to Travel Dating Apps?
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Travel Dating Apps

Why Global Daters Are Addicted to Travel Dating Apps?

It is said that chatting with an established guy or a pretty girl on a trusted dating app can become an addiction. Indeed, when we live in a world where people rarely talk to strangers due to fear of robbery/terrorism/rejection/judgement, we have limited opportunities to meet new people and interact with them these days. Therefore, a lot of individuals prefer reliable dating apps, especially travel dating apps if they are single people who are interested in exploring the world .

People are more open-minded and want to explore new experiences when they are travelling. Let’s say it’s your first time to visit Sydney, you probably feel like a five-year-old again – everything is interesting, different, stimulating and engaging. You can walk around the city of Sydney in awe. You couldn’t help but wonder, “Wow. What are the fascinating aspects of this gorgeous city?” And you keep walking down the street, feeling the beautiful ambience and drinking in every detail of the picturesque place. Actually, that’s also why people can have a romantic encounter easily when they are travelling. Typical examples include Robert and Francesca from Bridges of Madison County& Rose and Jack from Titanic – people naturally fall in love with those they meet while exploring somewhere different. If you think those stories happened too many years ago and question whether the theory is still relevant today, I’d like to let you know that today’s technology has made travel encounters even more likely to happen, because nowadays we have many travel dating apps which introduce local singles to travelers instantly.

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If you are a traveler who wants to get laid while traveling… First and most importantly, you need to download a travel dating app which will help you meet hot singles in your destination even before you arrive there. Of course, once you are there, you can log in the top dating app and meet local singles immediately. Better still, those local people who have joined these reputable dating apps are already interested in meeting travelers like you. Otherwise, they wouldn’t even be in these online communities. That means these trusted dating apps have filtered potential candidates for you already. All you need to do is to approach these qualified leads online and meet them offline as soon as possible. It is reported that most travelers on travel dating apps are rich men, and most local singles on these platforms are hot women. That’s understandable because wealthy men have the money to travel the world and experience whatever they want, whereas pretty girls have the beauty to attract millionaire men from overseas.

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If you are a local single individual who wants to meet sexy travelers… Actually, this can be the perfect way to meet the rich and change your life forever . I know a Vietnamese girl who wanted to marry a western man because she is naturally attracted to White men. Further examination reveals that many Asian women want to marry White guys only because of hypergamy, i.e. they think western men have more money, more power and more status, so they want to marry western guys. Anyway, this Vietnamese stunner is very good at English, so she joined a travel dating app and met an American guy within one week. (We all know that no matter which street you go to in this world, there is always at least one American there.) Interestingly, this American dude paid this Vietnamese lady $20 per hour for talking to him. Then this Vietnamese beauty realized that she could probably make a living by doing that – just talking to western men is a job because there are many lonely western men who can’t find anyone to have a normal English conversation with in Vietnam. Anyway, this woman in Vietnam didn’t marry that American man. They just dated for a few months.

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Is it possible to find a long-term partner on a travel dating app? The answer is yes. I know several couples who met each other on travel dating apps and they are happily married now. The truth is anything is possible on an upscale dating app like that – you can meet new friends, business partners, dates and lovers there. It’s just like a Contiki tour which is based on your cell phone. (By the way, Contiki is a company which organizes social travel for young people under 35 – youngsters socialize with each other while travelling together in style). Therefore, if you are over 35 years of age, you can’t join a Contiki tour anymore and you should just download a travel dating app which helps you socialize with others in a new place.

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What else do you need to bring if you are a global dater? As a global dater who travels the world while dating interesting people, you need to bring a list of essential items: 1) Condoms – Always stay safe because your safety is the No. 1 priority no matter what you do. You don’t want to knock up anyone and then pay child support for 18 f**king years. Also, you must protect yourself from any kind of STD out there. Indeed, if those local girls have slept with other travelers previously (which is highly likely), you need to be more careful because you don’t know who you are dealing with yet.Incidentally, you probably have to bring condoms with you anyway because if you buy condoms in Asia, chances are the size isn’t right – Asian Johnsons are much smaller than Western Johnsons (yours can be at least two times bigger than theirs). So, you don’t want to take a risk and break a freaking condom purchased in Asia. That’s why you have to always bring your own condoms with you while traveling in Southeast Asia. 2) Books – You will have a lot of free time while traveling. Apart from hooking up with local girls on travel dating apps, you probably also want to do something mentally stimulating such as reading a good book. But if you go to a local bookstore overseas, perhaps you can’t even find one English book; as a result, you’d better bring a few good books that you want to read when you travel alone. In this way, you won’t feel lonely when you are on the plane or between dates. 3) Your laptop – These days more and more people have become remote workers who are 100% location independent. If you are one of them, obviously, you need to bring your computer with you so that you’ll not only do some work, but also check out some travel dating sites which can only be accessed on a computer. That will expand your outlook because you can only meet so many hot women on a travel dating app, and a similar platform which works as a website is also a marvelous resource that you don’t want to miss out on. 4) Cell phone – Of course you need to use this every day because you’ll check out pretty ladies on elite dating apps. Having said that, your mobile phone is also a tool for you to memorize who is who – you’ll meet a lot of hot girls in a new destination, and it will be hard for you to remember each girl’s name. Therefore, you would be well-advised to write some notes on your phone. For instance, next to Jennie’s phone number, you add “The slim girl with a tattoo on her left arm”. Now you know you won’t call her Nina when you are banging her in your bed next time.

August 09 2019